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How To Install The Washing Machine - Hitachi SF-P90XA Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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How to Install the Washing Machine

Where to install
the washing
Do not use a damaged power plug, doing so is dangerous. Contact a
repair center that is certifi ed by the manufacturer to replace the plug.
If the outlet you are using is a 2-pin outlet, use an adapter to change
from three pins to two pins. If you do this, be sure to connect an earth
wire. There is a risk of electric shock if you do not connect an earth
Do not connect an earth wire to a gas pipe, telephone wire, water pipe,
or lightning rod. Remove the power plug from the electric outlet when
you are attaching an earth wire.
You do not need to attach an earth wire if the electric outlet is a 3-pin
type with earth terminal.
The hoses may be damaged or rupture if they freeze. Do not install the
washing machine outside or any other place where there is a risk of
Install the washing machine on a solid level fl oor to avoid excessive
vibration and noise.
Do not install the washing machine in an extremely humid place, such
as a bathroom or a place exposed to rain.
Do not install the washing machine in a slippery or unstable location.
Doing so could cause abnormal vibration.
Install the washing machine away from walls as shown below to avoid
abnormal noise and vibration.
15 cm or more
No obstructions in front
10 cm or more
15 cm or more

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