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Troubleshooting - Hitachi SF-P90XA Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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Does not operate
It is wet, even though it is
the fi rst time to use it (drain
hose, tub, etc.)
The remaining time
increases during operation
Water is added again
during the washing process
Wash time is longer than
the time that was set
The washing machine
stops during the spin cycle
and starts adding water
During the spin cycle, the
tub spins increasingly faster
Sound of water is heard
when the tub moves
The lid does not open
The strength of water fl ow
does not change in spite of
changing the indicator


The power plug is not inserted in the power outlet.
There is a power outage.
The Delay Timer has been set.
There may be moisture or water left in the tub or hoses from the
performance test before shipping from the factory.
The remaining time is adjusted to compensate for the speed of the
incoming water.
Water is added automatically up to the set water level if the water
level falls because water is absorbed by the laundry.
If the water pressure is low, the operating time may increase due to a
longer water supply time.
If the laundry is extremely off balance when the spin cycle starts, the
spin cycle stops and the rinse cycle starts to rebalance the laundry.
After the load is rebalanced, the spin cycle starts again.
This is to more effi ciently remove water.
That is the sound of water in the Liquid Load Balancer, which is used
for balancing when the tub is spinning.
When the lid lock indicator is lit, the lid is locked and cannot be
The lid is locked and cannot be opened because there was a power
outage or the power was turned off while the lid lock indicator was lit.
Turn on the power and wait for the lock to be released.
It may not change the strength of water fl ow according to the process
and the load amount. It is not abnormal.
Possible cause

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