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Control Panel And Display - Hitachi SF-P90XA Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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Power button
Eco button
Program button
Presetting button
Start/Pause button
Water level button
Dehydration button
Rinse button
Wash button
Wash indicator
Rinse indicator
Dehydration indicator

Control Panel and Display

Press this button to switch power on and off. The washing machine
automatically switches off when operations are fi nished. The washing
machine also turns off automatically if it is not operated or no button is
pressed for 10 minutes after the power has turned on.
Select Eco modes. Energy Save mode and Small Load mode can be set
in the Standard programs.
Select programs. The program changes each time the button is pressed.
The delay time can be set between 3 and 12 hours.
Starts and pauses operation. When the washing machine is paused for
over one hour and no operations are done, it turns off automatically.
Changes the water level.
Changes the spin time. The spin time can be set between one and
9 minutes.
Changes the number and type of rinses.
Changes the washing time. The washing time can be set between 3 and
18 minutes.
Shows the washing time.
Shows the number and type of rinses.
Shows the spin time.

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