Sanyo VR-L4110WSEC - Commercial Solutions Lab Manual

Sanyo VR-L4110WSEC - Commercial Solutions Lab Manual



Guide to Laboratory Equipment
Advanced Products and Technologies for
Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology,
Clinical and Industrial Laboratories
My Life. My Work. My Choice.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Sanyo VR-L4110WSEC - Commercial Solutions Lab

  • Page 1 incubation preservation sterilization Guide to Laboratory Equipment Advanced Products and Technologies for Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical and Industrial Laboratories My Life. My Work. My Choice.
  • Page 2 Guide to Laboratory Equipment
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    25 Twin Guard Series -86°C established a reputation as a premier manufacturer of precision biomedical and DualºCool Ultra-Low Freezers laboratory equipment. As part of the worldwide SANYO brand we benefit from 28 MDF Series-86°C Ultra-Low our unique Vertical Component Integration approach to product development.
  • Page 4 Sterisonic GxP Series (MCO-19AIC) only ™ laboratories. Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Sterilization, As a result, SANYO products operate new feature for the Sterisonic ™ GxP Series (MCO-19AIC) only with dependability, safety, energy efficiency and ergonomic sensitivity.
  • Page 5 SANYO products through the development model of Vertical Component Integration ™ Because many of our key component parts are designed and built by SANYO, we offer only the very best, accurately matched components in each SANYO product. As SANYO draws on vast corporate resources to develop laboratory products...
  • Page 6 As multidisciplinary research reveals new solutions in cell manufacturing destined for clinical trials, SANYO is collaborating with our customers to create products designed to satisfy strict third-party regulatory criteria such as FDA, AABB/ANRC, GMPs, GLPs and more.
  • Page 7 SANYO Incubation World Class Design. SANYO designs and manufactures a range of CO multi-gas incubators, refrigerated and heated environmental chambers to meet a variety of application and user needs.
  • Page 8: Relative Humidity

    SANYO Incubators Relative Humidity SANYO designs and manufactures a range Control A removable water pan combined of CO , multi-gas, heated, and refrigerated with an independent heater at the base SANYO proprietary singlebeam, dual incubators to meet a variety of application...
  • Page 9: Co 2 Laboratory Incubators

    All SANYO CO incubators feature patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket temperature control for accurate, uniform temperature control and inCu ™ saFe for continuous contamination control. SANYO laboratory CO incubators feature selected SafeCell UV with exclusive, patented Active ™ ™...
  • Page 10: Product Overview

    GLP series cabinet provides the stability and uniformity Construction and Air Jacket design direct heat or of a water-jacketed cabinet without the inconvenience. SANYO uses sensitivity ™ water jacket to ambient temperatures to permit the microprocessor-controlled, multi-zone SANYO Direct Heat and Air Jacket system to work most efficiently.
  • Page 11 PG21 micidal attribute to inhibit the growth Chart summarizes test results with four strains of mycoplasma. Results demonstrate how SANYO inCu saFe ™ of molds, fungi, mycoplasma and copper-enriched stainless steel alloy offers germicidal properties of conventional C1100 copper, while maintaining bacteria.
  • Page 12 . With Sterisonic GxP incorporates a collec- ™ reversible inner and outer doors, a single SANYO incubator offers the tive of mutually functional systems and industry’s most flexible installation design attributes to offer a holistic solu- options. tion to cell culture protocols, from the...
  • Page 13: Control And Monitoring

    • The Sterisonic GxP control and informa- • The unique Sterisonic GxP H • SANYO proprietary single-beam, dual ™ ™ tion center includes an intuitive pop-up sterilization system limits downtime detector infrared (IR2) CO sensor menu, high resolution LCD for inputs,...
  • Page 14 Competitor Temperature Recovery • P .I.D. temperature control with Faster CO Recovery and Lower CO Consumption. SANYO’s large capacity reach-in incubator was designed deviation of +/- 0.1°C. 37°C specifically for critical applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical investigation. 36°C 35°C 34°C...
  • Page 15 Anti-Contamination Measures Horizontal Laminar Optional UV Sterilization Airflow System and Humidity Selection • Interior, plenums and shelving constructed of SANYO’s exclusive SANYO’s reach-in incubator’s cross- SANYO’s patented and laboratory inCu saFe , germicidal, copper- ™ shelf directed air flow system promotes...
  • Page 16 Laboratory Incubators SANYO models MCO-5M/18M/36M series CO incubators employ multiple sensor technologies to achieve in vitro simulation of the in vivo environment. MCO Series CO and CO incubators have received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for in vitro fertilization applications in accordance with the FDA Safe Medical Devices Act of 1990 and the Medical Device Amendments of 1992.*...
  • Page 17: Heated And Refrigeration Incubators

    Heated and Refrigerated Incubators SANYO MIR series incubators are designed for general laboratory applications requiring fixed setpoint or cycling temperature control. A selection of five cabinet sizes offers programmed operation and integrated alarms for a wide temperature range. Heated and Refrigerated Incubators...
  • Page 18: Plant Growth Chamber

    Plant Growth Chamber The model MLR series humidified plant growth chamber has a temperature range of 0°C to 50°C, with programmable lighting for diurnal protocols in plant and insect cell culture applications. Plant Growth Chamber Volume Exterior Dimensions Temperature Range Temperature Range Humidity Control Lighting...
  • Page 19 SANYO Preservation World Class Design. SANYO refrigeration systems offer superior performance and reliability, even in higher ambient temperatures and in response to frequent door openings. The cooling system also maintains uniform temperatures throughout the freezer, which is especially important when validation is required.
  • Page 20: -86°C Ultra-Low Freezers

    Insulation Panel Service Service Alarm Rechargeable Rechargeable Battery Battery Every day, laboratories around the world depend on SANYO freezers for their ultra-low Power Failure CFC Free Air Filter Alarm temperature storage, reassured by an industry-leading reputation for performance and Automatic Automatic...
  • Page 21 Compressor SANYO Cool Safe™ Compressor Technology: How It Works By apportioning the oil cooling function between specially designed SANYO Cool Safe™ compressors, and by cooling the compressor oil to minimize compressor operating temperatures, the SANYO ultra-low temperature freezer refrig- eration system is balanced to decrease component stress, increase system longevity and reliability, and improve tem- perature uniformity necessary for better cell viability regardless of where the specimen is stored within the chamber.
  • Page 22 V.I.P .™ Series Green Product Features SANYO V.I.P .™ Green Initiative SANYO is conscious of the need to SANYO, all SANYO ultra-low freezers and protect our environment and conserve components are now 100% compliant to Program energy. As a corporate pioneer in life RoHS standards.
  • Page 23 Electrical Cost per Box Capacity 10.93 7.63 SANYO MDF-U74VC Brand A MDF-U74VC Brand B Chart 2 - SANYO Freezers emit less heat into the laboratory, minimizing air conditioning costs. Power Consumption By Capacity 1.54 (KW/day/box Efficiency) 2.25 SANYO MDF-U74VC Brand A Brand B 2.65...
  • Page 24: V.i.p . ™ Series Space Saving

    These units also offer high-density ultra-low storage solutions for the laboratory. ™ Patented V.I.P . ™ SANYO-Designed Compressors Vacuum Panel Insulation SANYO’s ultra-low temperature compressor employs a unique orienta- Combination of multiple high-perfor- tion of conventional components to mance vacuum panels with high-density reduce discharge temperatures and foam insulation achieves thin-wall profile compressor heat.
  • Page 25: Twin Guard Series -86°C

    Twin Guard Series -86 DualºCool Ultra-Low Freezer ™ The SANYO MDF-U500VXC Twin Guard Series -86 DualºCool ultra-low freezer is designed for -86°C storage of high-value biologicals. Ideal ™ for critical material storage in repositories, highly secure BSL4 labs, hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities. The Twin Guard Series ™...
  • Page 26 Air Filter Air Filter Rechargeable Energy SAVE Insulated Insulated Battery Inner Doors Inner Doors Power Failure Remote Alarm Freezer Featuring SANYO -86 Dual°Cool Quiet, Reliable Power Failure Remote Alarm Service Service Service Insulated Service ICD Digital Cascade CPU and Alarm...
  • Page 27 Refrigeration System • Evaporator coils embedded in the Critical Biologicals The Twin Guard Series Ultra-Low Freez- ™ patented, high-tech, SANYO V.I.P . ™ er avoids conventional cascade refrigera- The SANYO Twin Guard Series satisfies ™ vacuum-insulated thin-wall cabinet are tion technology by using two completely...
  • Page 28 Conventionally Insulated MDF Series -86°C Ultra-Low Freezers (Upright) SANYO conventionally insulated MDF series ultra-low freezers provide energy savings while minimizing carbon footprint throughout the laboratory without compromising performance. The conventionally insulated series also maintains internal temperatures as low as -86°C. All models use SANYO-designed compressors for ultra-low temperature applications. Manufactured with foam-in-place insulation to maximize interior temperature uniformity, they are ideally suited for use in hospitals and laboratories for long-term preservation and storage of blood, specimens and components, as well as material testing.
  • Page 29: Mdf Series-86°C Ultra-Low

    MDF Series -80°C to -86°C Ultra-Low Freezers (Chest) SANYO MDF series ultra-low temperature freezers maintain internal temperatures as low as -86°C (-123°F). All models use SANYO-designed compressors for ultra-low temperature applications. Manufactured with foamed-in-place insulation, they are ideally suited for use in hospitals and laboratories for long-term preservation and storage of blood, specimens and components, as well as materials testing.
  • Page 30: C Cryogenic Freezers

    -150°C Cryogenic Freezers SANYO MDF series cryogenic freezers maintain uniform temperature of -150°C for stable, long-term preservation of cells and tissue. SANYO V.I.P. PLUS Cryogenic Series -150°C ultra-low temperature freezers achieve more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer ™...
  • Page 31: C/35°C Biomedical Freezers

    -30°C/-35°C Biomedical Freezers (Chest and Upright) SANYO MDF series biomedical freezers include chest and upright models designed for short- or intermediate-term storage at temperatures as low as -30°C/-35°C. Constructed with high-performance laboratory and clinical-grade refrigeration systems, these freezers are used in medical, biotechnology and industrial labs for storage of blood components, enzymes, culture media, reagents, specimens and vaccines.
  • Page 32: Laboratory Refrigerators

    Adjustable Temperature Control SANYO-Designed Compressors SANYO-built microprocessor controller, Designed by SANYO specifically for temperature range 2°C to 23°C, with demanding laboratory applications. comprehensive setpoint, alarm, monitor- ing and diagnostic functions with digital display of all input/output functions.
  • Page 33: Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

    Pharmaceutical Refrigerators SANYO’s MPR series pharmaceutical refrigerators offer a complete and integrated solution for the growing requirements for strict and exact storage temperatures for pharmaceuticals, medicines and temperature-sensitive biologicals. The slim design and optional sliding shelves allow for an ergonomic easy-reach retrieval of your product..
  • Page 34: Blood Bank Refrigerators

    Blood Bank Refrigerators SANYO blood bank refrigerators are designed to create stable, reliable temperature control pre-set to 4°C with precise top-to-bottom temperature uniformity. Blood Bank Refrigerators Volume Exterior Dimensions Bag Capacity Doors* Doors Voltage, Power Model Number (cu.ft.) (w x f-b x h)
  • Page 35: Biomedical Refrigerator With Freezer Combination

    Biomedical Refrigerator with Freezer Combination When space is at a premium, SANYO refrigerator with freezer combination offers convenience and performance in an attractive, space-saving design. Biomedical Refrigerator with Freezer Combination Refrigerator Freezer Temperature Temperature Volume Volume Exterior Dimensions Range Range Voltage, Power (cu.ft.)
  • Page 36: General Purpose Refrigerators

    General Purpose Refrigerators SANYO general purpose refrigerators are designed for general purpose storage applications in life science and industrial laboratories. Feature reliable heavy-duty refrigeration systems for frequent door openings with optional duplex power outlet for chromatography applications. Pharmacy Refrigerators Volume...
  • Page 37 SANYO Sterilization World Class Design. Accurate, high-temperature equipment for scientific research. SANYO has always aimed to provide research support equipment that offers complete satisfaction to its users.
  • Page 38: Top-Loading Portable Autoclaves

    SANYO Sterilization Top-Loading Portable Autoclaves Researchers waste valuable time and SANYO MLS series top-loading autoclaves are a popular method of sterilization for today’s energy when limited to using a centralized research laboratories. Self-contained and easy to use, these reliable energy-saving autoclaves building autoclave.
  • Page 39 The serviceability of SANYO Biomedical products • Specialized documentation for is inherent to all SANYO product designs and originates in our research and each individual unit development department. Combined with customer feedback and detailed docu- •...
  • Page 40 SALES and SERVICE NORTH AMERICA SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. products are sold and serviced in North America by a network of factory-trained authorized independent sales and service representatives under the direction of SANYO Biomedical Solutions Division, Wood Dale, IL (Division of SANYO North America Corporation).

Table of Contents