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Troubleshooting - Electrolux EHT6047X User Manual

Gas cooktop
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If you have a problem with the cooktop, check the table below. You may be able to solve the problem and this will
save you from paying for a service call. You will have to pay for a service call even in the warranty period if the
problem is one listed below.
Table 1
possible cause
Gas supply valve turned off.
Control knob not on
Wrong knob turned.
Burner will not light
Port blockage in ignition area.
even though the
sparker is working
Ignition electrode wet or dirty.
Sparking at wrong point because of incorrectly
fitted burner crown.
Injector is blocked.
Electricity supply is disconnected or switched off.
No spark is obtained
Battery is flat.
when control knob is
Polarity wrong on battery.
Ignition electrode wet or dirty.
Flame ports blocked or wet.
Flames uneven or
tending to lift
Burner cap/crown incorrectly fitted.
Flames not staying
Knob not set between 'HIGH' and 'LOW'
on when knob is
Low heat, slow
Incorrect cooking pot or pan being used.
Benchtop or knobs
Incorrect cooking pot or pan used.
Pot or pan not located on burner properly.
If all the above points have been checked and there is still a problem with the cooktop please call the Service Centre.
Turn on gas supply to appliance.
Turn knob on (refer to page 3)
Ensure the knob you are turning corresponds to
the burner you want to light.
Ensure that ports in ignition area are clean and dry.
Dry or clean ignition electrode.
Ensure that the crown is seated properly so that
the spark fires to the receiving point in the burner
crown (refer to Figure 1).
Ensure injector is clear of foreign material.
Switch on electricity or check fuses.
Replace battery (refer to page 12)
Reorient battery to correct position (refer to page 12).
Dry or clean ignition electrode.
Clean or dry flame ports.
Ensure these components are fitted correctly.
Knob MUST be set between these positions.
Refer to Figure 3 (page 4).
Refer to Figure 3 (page 4).
Ensure pot or pan is centrally located on burner.



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