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Precautions; Hardware Installation; Installing The Drive Unit Into The Computer; Getting Started - Sony CDU625 User Manual

Cd-rom drive unit
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Avoid placing the drive in a location subject to:
– high humidity
– high temperature
– excessive dust
– mechanical vibration
– direct sunlight
The drive can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position.
Do not force the power cable. It is keyed to protect the drive.
Do not move the drive when it is in use. Doing so may cause data error
and damage the optical pick-up.
Avoid exposing the drive to sudden changes in temperature as
condensation may form on the lens inside the drive. Should the
surrounding temperature suddenly rise while the drive is turned on, stop
using the drive and leave the power on at least one hour before
operating it or turning it off. Operating the drive immediately after a
sudden increase in temperature may result in a malfunction.
Close the disc drawer before moving the drive.
Keep the original packing materials. When you need to ship the drive to
another location, repacking it in its original container will help you
transport it safely.

Hardware Installation

Installing the Drive Unit into the Computer

As you go through this section, you may wish to refer to your computer's
manual for a more detailed description of how to install internal drives.

Getting Started

Be sure to have the SCSI host adapter installed into your computer
before attempting to install the drive.
Prepare the necessary parts and tools that have not been supplied:
– Screwdriver
– Two mounting rails if your computer has mounting tracks.
Unplug the computer and disconnect the cables attached to the
back for your own safety. Do not turn on the power of the computer
before completing the entire installation process.

Step 1: Opening the Computer

If your computer has its rear side covered by a plastic panel attached
with plastic hook pad, pull it off.
Remove the cover mounting screws.
Remove the cover of the computer.
Hardware Installation


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