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Step 6: Connecting The Drive; Step 7: Mounting The Drive; Step 8: Connecting The Power Cable - Sony CDU625 User Manual

Cd-rom drive unit
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Step 6: Connecting the Drive

Attach one end of the flat cable (SCSI cable) to the connector on the
rear of the CD-ROM drive.
Interface Connector
CDU625 Drive Unit
Audio Out
The red edge (Pin 1) of the flat cable should be positioned next to the
power supply connector. It is important that this cable be connected
firmly and correctly.
SCSI Interface Card
If your computer has a Sound Card, connect the audio cable (not
supplied) to the AUDIO OUT connector at the rear of the CD-ROM drive.
Sound Card
Hardware Installation
Pin 1
Power Supply Connector
Red Edge
Red Wire
CD-ROM Drive
Flat Cable
CD-ROM Drive
Audio Cable

Step 7: Mounting the Drive

Flat Cable

Step 8: Connecting the Power Cable

Route the flat cable and audio cable through the drive bay from the front
of the computer and insert the CD-ROM drive into the bay as shown.
Secure the CD-ROM drive to the frame by using the prepared screws.
Mounting Screws
Audio Cable
If you cannot secure the CD-ROM drive to the drive bay, you may need to
install slide rails (not included) to the CD-ROM drive. Refer to your
computer user's guide for additional information.
Locate an available power supply cable inside your computer and connect
it to the power supply connector on the rear of the CD-ROM drive as shown.
Power Supply
The power supply connector is designed to fit only in one way. Do not
attempt to force the cable in upside down, otherwise the CD-ROM drive
will be damaged and the product warranty void.
Flat Cable
+ -
+ -
5V 5%
GND 12V 10%
Power Supply Cable
Hardware Installation


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