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Adjust Squelch; Automatic Noise Limiter (Anl/Hi-Cut) - Uniden CMX660 Owner's Manual

Professional mobile cb radio
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If Key Beep is active, the microphone beeps
each time the channel changes.

Adjust Squelch

Press the knob on the radio until SQL displays.
2. Turn the konb to increase and decrease the
squelch level. There are 8 squelch levels,
from 0 to 7.
Set Squelch to 0 to have the radio monitor the
current channel for transmissions.

Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL/HI-CUT)

ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) detects static
noise peaks and clips those peaks to preserve the
integrity of the received signal. HI-CUT (High Cut)
attenuates signals higher than a specific threshold.
You can set either ANL or HI-CUT on individually,
or both of them on at the same time. If both are
turned on, both icons,
Press ANL/HI-CUT (on top of the
microphone) once. ANL on; ANL displays for
a moment on the LCD and the
2. Press ANL/HI-CUT again; the icon goes away
and ANL is turned off
3. Press and hold ANL/HI-CUT (on top of the
microphone). HI-CUT is on; HC displays for a
, display on the
icon stays



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