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Adjust Radio Sensitivity (Lo/Dx) - Uniden CMX660 Owner's Manual

Professional mobile cb radio
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moment on the LCD and the
4. Press and hold ANL/HI-CUT again; the icon
goes away and HI-CUT is turned off

Adjust Radio Sensitivity (LO/DX)

Noise caused by strong signals from nearby
channels may be heard. The LO/DX settings
(LOCAL 1 and LOCAL 2) will reduce this noise by
reducing the radio's sensitivity. If L1 or L2 do not
display, noise levels are not reduced.
The number of bands on the LO/DX icon,
show which setting is active. Three bands (
indicate DX is active. Two bands (
is active. One band (
DX icon (
2. Press
and the L1 icon (
are reduced.
3. Press
moment and the L2 icon (
noise levels are reduced further.
4. Press
and the DX icon (
return to normal.
) indicate L2 is active.
. DX displays for a moment and the
) displays; noise levels are
again. L1 displays for a moment
) displays; noise levels
a third time. L2 displays for a
again.DX displays for a moment
) indicate L1
) displays;
) displays; noise levels
icon stays



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