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Safety Notice - Uniden CMX660 Owner's Manual

Professional mobile cb radio
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A short "loaded" whip antenna is easier to install
on an automobile, but its efficiency is less than
that of a full quarter-wave whip antenna.
Once your antenna is installed, tune it using a
Standing-Wave Ratio (SWR) meter (not included):
set it to channel 20 and adjust the antenna until
the SWR is as close as 1:1 as possible.
CAUTION: Make sure the SWR is less than 2:1
before using the radio. An SWR higher than
2:1 can damage the radio.

Safety Notice

The antenna used for this radio must be properly
installed and maintained and must provide a
separation distance of at least 16.9 inches (43 cm)
from all persons and must not be collocated or
operated in conjunction with any other antenna or
transmitter. Never transmit if any person is closer
than the specified distance to the antenna.
Note that Uniden does not specify or supply any
antenna with this radio. While a 0 dBi gain antenna
is normal for a typical installation, the above limit
applies to any antenna with up to 3 dBi gain.



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