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Makita 9566C Technical Information page 6

150mm (6 inch )
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< 4 > Disassembling gear section
(1) Separate gear section by unscrewing 4 pcs. of hex socket head bolts M4 x 16 as illustrated in Fig 3.
It is recommended to unscrew hex socket head bolts M4 x 16 with impact driver,
because they are adhesive bolts.
(2) Put gear section on No.1R217 "Ring 22". And disassemble spindle from spiral bevel gear 35 by pressing
with arbor press as illustrate in Fig. 3A.
(3) Disassemble bearing retainer by turning anti-clockwise as illustrate in Fig. 3B.
< Note >
For disassembling bearing retainer, remodel No.1R043 "Wrench for bearing retainer" by expanding the distance
between the spikes from 20mm to 21 or 22mm as illustrated in Fig. 3C.
(4) Disassemble ball bearing 6201DDW by slightly hitting the edge of bearing box with plastic hammer
as illustrate in Fig. 3D.
Fig 3
< 5 > Assembling gear section
(1) Assemble ball bearing 6201DDW to bearing box by pressing with arbor press as illustrated in Fig. 4.
(2) Assemble bearing retainer to bearing box by turning clockwise as illustrated in Fig. 4A.
Fig. 4
1R217 Ring 22
Hex socket head bolt M4 x 16
(with adhesive)
21 - 22mm
Fig. 3C
Round bar for arbor
Ball bearing
Bearing box
Spiral bevel
gear 35
Fig 3A
Bearing retainer
Fig. 4A
Wrench for bearing retainer
Bearing retainer
Fig 3B
Bearing box
Fig. 3D
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