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Makita 9566C Technical Information page 4

150mm (6 inch )
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< 1 > Lubrication
Apply MAKITA grease SG. No.0 to the following portions marked with black triangle to protect
parts and product from unusual abrasion.
< 2 > Disassembling spiral bevel gear 9 and armature
(1) Remove tapping screw 4x18 and separate rear cover from motor housing.
And remove carbon brush as illustrated in Fig. 1.
(2) Remove tapping screw 4x28 and detach gear housing from motor housing.
And remove armature with gear housing cover as illustrated in Fig. 1.
(3) Disassemble retaining ring S-6 and flat washer 6 from armature shaft as illustrated in Fig. 1A.
(4) Grip spiral bevel gear 9 with your gloved hand, and pull off spiral bevel gear 9 with turning anti-clockwise.
Then, flat washer 12 and lock spring 12 can be separated from armature shaft together with spiral bevel gear 9
as illustrated in Fig. 1B.
(5) Disassemble spiral bevel gear 9 with No. 1R269 "Bearing extractor" as illustrated in Fig. 1C, if it is difficult to
disassemble with hand.
Gear housing
Gear housing
Tapping screw 4x28
Flat washer 6
Retaining ring S-6
Gear housing
Spiral bevel gear 35
Motor housing
Spiral bevel gear 9
Fig. 1
Fig. 1A
1R269 Bearing extractor
Spiral bevel gear 9
Carbon brush
Rear cover
Carbon brush
Lock spring 12
Spiral bevel gear 9
Gripping spiral bevel gear 9 together with
flat washer 12, disassemble them from
Fig. 1C
armature shaft.
P 4 / 10
Tapping screw 4x18
Flat washer 12
Fig. 1B



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