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Makita 9566C Technical Information page 5

150mm (6 inch )
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(6) Take off retaining ring S-12 from armature shaft as illustrated in Fig. 1D. And disassemble armature
from gear housing cover with No. 1R045 "Gear extractor (large)" as illustrated in Fig. 1E.
Retaining ring S-12
No. 1R045 Gear extractor (large)
Fig. 1E
Fig. 1D
< 3 > Assembling spiral bevel gear 9 and armature
(1) Put gear housing over on No.1R217 "ring 22", and assemble armature to gear housing cover by pressing
with arbor press as illustrated in Fig 2.
(2) Assemble retaining ring S-12 to armature shaft. And then, assemble lock spring 12 and flat washer 12
to armature shaft as illustrated In Fig. 2A.
(3) Assemble spiral bevel gear 9 to armature shaft with turning clock wise as illustrated in Fig. 2B.
(4) Assemble flat washer 6. And then, fix the parts on armature shaft with retaining ring S-6 as illustrated in fig. 2C.
Spiral bevel gear 9
Lock spring 12
1R217 Ring 22
Retaining ring S-12
Flat washer 21
Fig. 2A
Fig. 2B
Gear housing cover
Flat washer 6
Fig. 2
Retaining ring S-6
Fig. 2C
< Note in assembling >
When replacing spiral bevel gear 9 with new one, also retaining ring S-6
and flat washer 6 have to be replaced with new ones.



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