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Rma Procedure; Safety Instructions - Sandia 80-5000 Operation And Maintenance Manual

Hard surface extractor sniper 12-gallon 1200 psi hard surface extractor 1200 psi adjustable pump, dual motors
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13.0 Wiring Diagram
(36) 1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor
Returned Material Authorization (RMA) Procedure
Original purchaser (distributor/service center) must contact the manufacturer to follow correct
RMA/warranty procedures. Must include a copy of RMA Sheet enclosed in the box with returned
item. No returns shall be authorized unless proper RMA procedures are followed. It is the
responsibility of the distributor to repair the client's equipment as soon as possible. Labor is only
provided by authorized service centers. If an authorized service center is not near you, it is the
purchaser's responsibility to take their machine to an authorized service center.
Client must contact the distributor prior to working on or changing out any parts, etc. Manufacturer
must issue an RMA Sheet containing approved labor time and replacement parts. Do not send
parts or equipment back to manufacturer without an RMA number and approval. No labor will
be paid for, nor part costs paid for or reimbursed that have not been previously approved by the
manufacturer. All warranty work must be approved and authorized to qualify and appropriate
warranty procedures must be followed.

1.0 Safety Instructions

This machine will afford you many years of trouble-free operating excellence, provided it
is given the proper care. All parts have passed rigid quality control standards throughout
the assembly process. Prior to packaging, your equipment was again inspected for
assurance of flawless operation.
This machine is protectively packed to prevent damage in shipment. We recommend
that upon delivery, unpack the unit and inspect it for any possible damage. Only a visual
inspection will reveal damage that may have occurred.
If damage is discovered, immediately notify the transportation company that delivered
your equipment. As a shipper, we are unable to report any claim for damage. You must
originate any claim within five (5) days.
This manual is for your protection and information. Please read carefully since failure to
follow precautions could result in discomfort or injury.
Reduce the Risk of Fire, Electric Shock or Injury
Use only as described in this safety operating manual. Use only the manufacturer's
recommended attachments, accessories, replacement parts and filters. Replace damaged
or worn parts immediately with genuine, original equipment parts to maintain safety and
to protect your limited warranty.
Always turn OFF the machine before connecting, disconnecting or working on the
equipment. This machine must be connected to a properly grounded outlet only (see
grounding instructions). The extension cords provided with this unit are two 25-foot,
12/3-gauge wires and MUST be used with this unit to ensure grounding protection. The
two (2) power cords must be plugged into separate circuits during operation. Power Cord
1 (left side) must be on a 20 Amp circuit to use both vacuums. Power Cord 2 (right side)
must be on a 15 Amp circuit if the Auto Pump-Out is not used or a 20 Amp circuit if it is
1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor (5)



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