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Adjusting The Pressure - Sandia 80-5000 Operation And Maintenance Manual

Hard surface extractor sniper 12-gallon 1200 psi hard surface extractor 1200 psi adjustable pump, dual motors
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5.0 Set-Up and Operation Continued

Adjusting the Pressure

When the high pressure solution pump is on and primed, pressure will show on the gauge
only while the tool is being sprayed. When the tool is sprayed, the gauge will display the
pressure being delivered to the tool. When the tool is not being sprayed, the gauge will
return to zero.
• To decrease the pressure, turn the black knob on the pressure regulator to the left
• To increase pressure, turn the black knob on the pressure regulator to the right
• To adjust pressure to your tool and surface requirements: spray the tool; check the
pressure on the gauge; re-adjust as needed to set the machine at the desired pressure;
choose the pressure setting that best meets your type of cleaning.
To increase solution pressure, turn
the regulator knob clockwise.
The maximum pressure setting is 1200 PSI. However, the highest pressure attained is
dependent on the amount of water flow at the tool:
• Smaller jets and lower flow will allow for higher
pressure at the tool.
• Larger jets and higher flow will lower the maximum
pressure attained at the tool.
The desired setting will depend on the type of cleaning
and tool used. For example:
• Carpet Cleaning with 2-Jet Wand: 400 PSI
• Tile Cleaning with Hard Surface Tool: 1000 PSI
If adjusting or maintaining pressure becomes a problem,
refer to the "Trouble Shooting Guide" section or contact your distributor for advice or
(16) 1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor
To decrease solution pressure,
turn the regulator knob counter-
7.0 Maintenance Continued
WD-40 Vacuum Motors
Should moisture ever enter the vacuum motors,
completely drain the recovery tank, open the recovery
tank lid, remove the vac shut-off assembly, turn on both
vacuum motors and spray a burst of WD-40 into the
standpipe. Continue to run the vacuum motors for at least
three (3) minutes.To prevent moisture from damaging the
vacuum motors during storage, empty the recovery tank
and store with the lid open.
Prevent Mineral Deposit Build-Up
Vinegar may be used to prevent mineral deposit build-up in your machine's lines and
pump. Failure to do so may clog your lines and pump. Every two weeks, pour vinegar
into the solution tank (dilute with 1/2 water). Run the pump, while squeezing your wand
or upholstery tool's trigger unit you smell vinegar or notice it coming out of the tool. Let
the machine sit overnight, and no longer, with the vinegar in its lines. The next day, flush
the machine with 1-gallon of clean water or until you do not smell vinegar any longer.
PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to use CLR, follow the directions on the bottle. DO NOT
leave CLR in the machine's lines and flush thoroughly. CLR may corrode the machine's
components and VOID your warranty. If you choose to use vinegar, you MUST dilute
with 1/2 water. Failure to do so may damage the machine's components and VOID your
1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor (25)



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