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Clean Vacuum Shut-Off Float Assembly Screen; Clean Clear View In-Line Filter - Sandia 80-5000 Operation And Maintenance Manual

Hard surface extractor sniper 12-gallon 1200 psi hard surface extractor 1200 psi adjustable pump, dual motors
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7.0 Maintenance Continued

Clean Vacuum Shut-Off Float Assembly Screen

Inside the recovery tank, on top of the stand pipe,
is the vacuum shut-off float assembly. It functions
to prevent debris and water from being sucked into
the vacuum motors. Operating the Hard Surface
Extractor without the shut-off assembly or with a
poorly maintained assembly, will greatly decrease
the life of the vacuum motors and will void the
If debris builds up on this filter, it will reduce
the vacuum air flow and may cause a significant
decrease in the rate of water recovery. If debris
prevents the float ball from moving or seating inside
the assembly, it may not stop the airflow when the tank fills with water and the water will
be sucked in the vacuums and blow out the exhaust.
To clean, twist off the float assembly from the stand pipe and clean the screen. Pull fibers
and lint off and rinse with clean water. Push the assembly back onto the stand pipe and
replace the recovery tank lid.
This screen should be cleaned frequently if the Hard Surface Extractor is being operated
in an environment which has an abnormal build-up of lint and debris, such as cleaning
newly installed carpet. Loss of vacuum is most normally associated with lint build-up in
this filter at the top of the vacuum stand pipe.

Clean Clear View In-Line Filter

Build-up of debris in the filter bag of the clear view in-line filter will reduce vacuum air
flow and may cause a significant decrease in water recovery. A torn bag will allow debris
past the filter and into the recovery tank. This debris can clog the waste pump and the
vacuum shut-off assembly. The clear view in-line filter must be examined and cleaned
regularly to keep the Hard Surface Extractor functioning properly.
To clean, push the latch lever and open the lid. Remove the filter bag. Examine the bag
and clean or replace as needed. Rinse the body of the hydro-filter with clean water.
Examine the o-ring seal and replace as needed. Re-install the new or cleaned bag. Close
lid and secure latch.
Filter Bag
(20) 1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor
Vacuum Shut-Off Assembly
7.0 Maintenance Continued
Clean Auto-Dump Pump Out
The auto-dump pump-out system is capable of handling most debris that passes through
the waste filter. However, for optimum performance, keep the recovery tank clean and
remove debris from the filter screen of the auto-dump pump-out. This should be done on
a daily basis or as needed, depending upon use and amount of debris.
Every two (2) weeks, run the auto-dump pump-out system with a full tank of clean water
to ensure that debris and lint are not accumulating in the base of the pump.
To service the auto-dump pump-out more thoroughly, unhook the vacuum cuff, cut the
zip tie around the looped electrical cord and lift it out of the recovery tank. Unsnap the
screen from the bottom, clean it and clean out the area inside.
Rinse Out Recovery Tank
Build-up of fine silt and debris can damage the auto-dump pump and dump valve. Clean
out the recovery tank on a regular basis to extend the life of these components as well as
keep the tank and machine smelling better.
To rinse out recovery tank, remove the recovery tank lid and open the dump valve. Place
a bucket under the dump valve. Use a hose to rinse the dirt and debris out of the recovery
tank. Close the dump valve and spray the tank with deodorizer or disinfectant. Proceed to
waste pump cleaning and replace the recovery tank lid. Dispose of dirty water and debris.
Flush Solution Tank and Pump
At least once a month, the Hard Surface Extractor hoses and tools should be flushed
to remove alkaline residues. Follow the steps of the "Storage and Freeze Protection"
section, using a solution of one (1) part warm water with three (3) parts white vinegar in
place of the antifreeze solution.
Then, repeat the steps using two gallons of fresh water:
• Pour two (2) or three (3) gallon of clean water into the solution tank.
• With both Cords 1 and 2 plugged in, connect the pump and prime hose to the solution
outlet female quick disconnect.
• Direct the end of the prime hose into the recovery tank barb.
• Turn one or both of the vacuums to the ON position and the solution tank to the ON
Filter Body
1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor (21)



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