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Warranty Policy - Sandia 80-5000 Operation And Maintenance Manual

Hard surface extractor sniper 12-gallon 1200 psi hard surface extractor 1200 psi adjustable pump, dual motors
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New Equipment Warranty
Lifetime on body, 2-years on vacuum motors, 1-year on pump and all electrical components,
90-days on tools and accessories.

Warranty Policy

All equipment is inspected and tested before shipping from the manufacturer. All parts are
warranted to be new and free from defects in workmanship and material, under normal use to the
original retail purchaser. This warranty limits manufacturer's liability for defects in workmanship
or materials for replacement of defective parts only. The manufacturer accepts no liability for
incidental or consequential damages arisen from the use of any equipment, defective or not. This
warranty is in lieu of all expressed or implied warranties and is extended only to the original retail
purchaser. Manufacturer sales and service representatives are not authorized to waive or alter
the terms of this warranty, or to increase the obligations of the manufacturer under the warranty.
Parts replaced or repaired under this warranty are warranted for the remainder of the original
warranty period.
Labor is only provided by authorized service centers. If an authorized service center is not near
you, it is the purchaser's responsibility to take their machine to an authorized service center.
The manufacturer covers up to one (1) year (365 days) of service labor at the manufacturer's
calculated hourly labor rate/repair time when performed by a manufacturer-authorized service
provider. Ultimately, labor reimbursement costs are at the discretion of the manufacturer. At no
time is the manufacturer responsible for travel time to complete on-call repairs. After one (1) year,
the original retail purchaser is responsible for all labor costs with no manufacturer reimbursement.
The original purchaser must contact the manufacturer to follow correct RMA/warranty procedures.
They must include a copy of the RMA Sheet enclosed in the box with the returned item. No returns
shall be authorized unless the proper RMA procedures are followed. It is the responsibility of the
distributor to repair the client's equipment as soon as possible.
The manufacturer charges a 25% restocking fee for any items that are being returned to stock.
Items must be new, unused, free of damage and are only good for up to 30 days. After 30 days, the
manufacturer does not accept the return of any items for a store credit.
Authorized warranty replacement parts need to come directly from the manufacturer. Any use of
any other parts will void warranty. The manufacturer does not reimburse for parts used by client
that were not supplied directly for the machine under warranty.
The client must contact the manufacturer prior to working on or changing out of any parts, etc.
The manufacturer must issue an RMA Sheet containing approved labor time and replacement
parts. Do not send parts or equipment back to the manufacturer without an RMA Number and
approval. No labor will be paid for, nor parts cost paid for or reimbursed, that have not previously
been approved by the manufacturer. All warranty work must be approved and authorized to
qualify, and appropriate warranty procedures must be followed.
The warranty starts on the purchase date by the original purchaser from an authorized distributor,
subject to proof of purchase. The Machine Registration Form must be completed and sent to
the original manufacturer at the time of purchase. If proof of purchase cannot be identified, the
warranty start date is ninety (90) days after the date of sale to an authorized distributor.
Register your machine online at:
(4) 1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor
14.0 Storage and Freeze Protection
You must winterize your Hard Surface Extractor to protect the pump system from
freezing and also damage being caused to fittings and valves. Damage due to
freezing is not covered under the Warranty. Store your extractor in temperatures over
40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan on storing your extractor in freezing conditions
or for a long period of time, the following procedure should help prevent your Hard
Surface Extractor from freezing and prevent pump and seals from drying out.
Recommended Procedure for Storage
• Pour a quart of RV Water System Antifreeze into the solution tank.
• Connect the pressure hose to the female quick disconnect (QD) on the front of
the machine. Insert an open-ended male QD into the female QD on the end of the
pressure hose.
• When primed, turn down the pressure to 100 PSI.
• Disconnect the open-ended QD and connect the solution hose to the male QD at
the auto-fill/chemical feed connection. CAUTION: applying high pressure (over
100 PSI) to the chemical feed system will damage the mechanism.
• With the chemical feed supply tube at the bottom of the solution tank, turn on
the pump and allow to circulate for 10 minutes. Check to make sure the chemical
supply tube is drawing the antifreeze solution. This will introduce antifreeze into
the chemical feed system.
• Disconnect the solution hose from the chemical feed and allow the system to
bypass for 10 minutes. This will work antifreeze into the pressure gauge.
• Attach and wands and hand tools that will also be stored with the Hard Surface
Extractor. Open the valve for 30 seconds, directing the spray to the solution tank.
Disconnect the hose and with the valve open and the jets pointing down, depress
the dimple on the male QD. This will drain the solution out of the tool. Drain
thoroughly before storing.
• Turn off the pump and disconnect all hoses and tools. Vacuum out the solution
tank and thoroughly drain the recovery tank and vacuum hose.
The auto-dump pump-out does not require freeze protection as long as the
recovery tank is completely drained and allowed to thoroughly dry. To return
to service, flush the pressure system by repeating the above steps, using fresh
water in place of antifreeze.
1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor (37)



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