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Shutdown Procedures - Sandia 80-5000 Operation And Maintenance Manual

Hard surface extractor sniper 12-gallon 1200 psi hard surface extractor 1200 psi adjustable pump, dual motors
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6.0 Shutdown Procedures

• If using the auto-fill system, turn the water supply OFF before finishing each job.
This will allow use of the water and chemicals already in the tank and will reduce the
amount of excess water to be disposed of later.
• When finished cleaning, turn OFF all switches.
• If the auto-fill system was used and there is still water in the solution tank, push the
float down to release the water inlet hose pressure before disconnecting the hose from
the faucet. Disconnect the water inlet hose from the quick disconnect on the front of
the machine.
• Disconnect the solution hose and vacuum hose from the cleaning tool. Pull the valve
trigger to release pressure from the hose before disconnecting the solution hose from
the cleaning tool.
• Disconnect the clear view in-line filter from the vacuum hoses and clean the filter as
• Disconnect the vacuum hose and solution
hose from the machine.
• If water remains in the solution tank, use
the short vacuum hose and vacuum the
excess water from the tank.
• If the auto-fill system was utilized, place the
chemical feed hose back into the solution
• If the auto dump-out system was used: turn
the waste pump switch ON to pump out any
remaining water from the recovery tank;
turn switch OFF, remove the auto-dump
pump-out hose from the outlet fitting and
replace the cap; roll up the hose toward
drain to remove the remaining water from
the hose; connect ends of hose together to
prevent dirty water from dripping from hose
during transport.
• Disconnect the power cords from the outlets
and from the machine.
• Remove the float shut-off assembly from
the recovery tank and clean filter as needed.
Replace shut-off assembly and tank lid.
• Drain any remaining water from the recovery
tank and dispose of in a sanitary drain. DO
NOT use the same bucket to drain the tank
that you used to fill the tank.
• Roll up all hoses and tools. Collect and store
extractor, all tools and accessories.
(18) 1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor
7.0 Maintenance Continued
Clean Waste Pump
Build-up of fine silt inside the waste pump can clog the pump even if the pump is not
used, so this maintenance procedure should be performed regardless of whether the waste
pump out has been used.
After cleaning the recovery tank, remove the cap and connect the green 3/4" x 50-foot
garden hose to the auto-dump pump-out port located on the back of the machine. Secure
the other end of the hose where you wish to direct the discharge of waste water, such as a
toilet or sink.
Fasten the discharge end of the hose tightly. With Cord 2 (right side) plugged in, turn the
recovery tank switch to the ON position. Use a hose to fill the recovery tank to a point
where the float switch turns the waste pump ON. The pump will turn on automatically
when water in the recovery tank is approximately 2/3rds full. The pump will discharge
the waste water down to a level of about 2 inches in the recovery tank. Let the pump run
until it pumps the level down to a point when the flat switch shuts OFF the auto-dump
DO NOT turn on the auto-dump out switch without the dump hose in place. Unplug the
cord and turn the auto-dump pump switch OFF. Open the dump valve and drain out the
remaining water. Close the dump valve, replace the recovery tank lid and dispose of the
dirty water and debris. This auto-dump out system has been designed to keep up with
flood restoration work and is capable of pumping 10-gallons per minute.
Clean Pump Inlet Filter
A restricted pump inlet filter can prevent the solution pump
from providing adequate pressure for cleaning. A restriction of
air leak on the pump inlet hose can also damage the solution
pump check valves and plunger seals.
CAUTION: before proceeding with this procedure, make sure
both power cords are disconnected.
• To examine the filter, open the solution tank lid on the front
of the machine. The filter is in the base of the solution tank.
• Grasp the filter cap and unscrew the filter from the brass
nipple by turning counter-clockwise. Clean or replace the
filter as needed.
• To examine the pump inlet hose, release the latch
on the front of the machine
and tilt the tanks off of the
base assembly. Support the
tanks with a chair, bucket or
box while working inside the base.
• Examine the hose for kinks, clogs or
holes and repair or replace the hose
as needed.
• Tilt the tanks back onto the base and
secure the latch.
Pump Inlet Hoses
1/4" Acorn Strainer
Part No. 10-0845
1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor (23)



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