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Set-Up And Operation; Electrical Cords; Water And Chemical Dilution - Auto Fill - Sandia 80-5000 Operation And Maintenance Manual

Hard surface extractor sniper 12-gallon 1200 psi hard surface extractor 1200 psi adjustable pump, dual motors
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10.0 Recovery Tank Schematic Drawing
(30) 1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor

5.0 Set-Up and Operation


Electrical Cords

Two (2) 25-foot power cords are supplied with your Hard Surface Extractor. Cord 1
powers both vacuum motors and Cord 2 powers the high pressure solution pump and
waste pump. The amperage required by each cord requires that the two (2) cords be
plugged into separate circuits.
• Cord 1 (left side): will require a 20 Amp
circuit to run both vacuums.
• Cord 2 (right side): can be plugged into a
15 Amp circuit if the auto-dump pump-out
is not used or a 20 Amp circuit if the auto-
dump pump-out is used.
20 Amp circuits are usually found in kitchens
and bathrooms. Make sure not other items are
plugged into these circuits. An overloaded
circuit may not always trip the breaker and
may not provide sufficient power to operate the
machine. Plug the two (2) cords into two (2)
outlets from different circuits.
Water and Chemical Dilution – Auto Fill
The chemical dilution rate is controlled by the metering tip and the dilution rate can only
changed by changing the metering tip (see section "How to Change the Metering Tip" on
page 11 for instructions).
Chemical Feed Setup
• Remove the chemical feed hose from the solution tank. Make sure the float is attached
to the valve and hanging freely.
• Place the end of the hose into a container of liquid chemical.
• If the tip is removed and the proportioning system operated with no tip, the dilution
rate will be 8:1 (the equivalent to adding 16-1/4 oz. of chemical to each gallon of
• If a fresh water rinse with no chemical is desired, simply leave the chemical feed hose
inside the solution tank.
Chemical Feed Hose
Proportioning Valve
Cord 1 (left side)
Cord 2 (right side)
Float Hanger
1200 PSI Hard Surface Extractor (11)



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