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Introduction; Features; Optional Accessories (Not Supplied) - Sony MPE-200 Operation Manual

Multi image processor
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The MPE-200 is a multi-purpose image processor capable
of performing real-time signal processing for HD live
image inputs, and outputting images in real time after
signal processing.
The unit is equipped with a Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/
B.E.) high-performance microprocessor and RSX graphics
processor, and is capable of receiving up to four HD image
inputs. Signal processing of live images in real time is
possible via a software application.


High-performance multicore processor
The interconnection of the Cell Broadband Engine's
internal PPE (PowerPC Processor Element) and eight
SPEs (Synergistic Processor Elements) via a high-speed
bus, and the ability to connect to external main memory,
allow high-performance processing of floating-point
operations at 230 GFLOPS.
Graphics engine tightly coupled to Cell/
B.E. - RSX -
The RSX graphics processor is connected to the Cell/B.E.
via the high-speed FlexIO bus, and delivers efficient
graphics processing. With input and output functions at a
total of over 4 GB/s, signal processing can be performed
simultaneously on four HD lines.
Multiple software installation
The unit supports installation of multiple application
software. You can decide which software to install and
switch between their use based on your intended purpose.
HD-SDI video input and output
The unit is equipped with video input and output functions
for up to four lines via HD-SDI. Utilizing the broadband
input and output capabilities of the RSX, the unit can input
and output up to 4 lines of HD live images in real time.
Compact 2U (unit) size with 19-inch rack
The unit can be installed on an EIA-standard, universal
pitch 19-inch rack. An optional (not supplied) rack mount
kit is also available.
Low energy consumption
The unit delivers high computational performance while
maintaining low power consumption at 400 W or less.

Optional Accessories (Not Supplied)

The following optional accessories are commercially
Application software
A variety of application software is available for
installation and use on the unit.
For details, consult your Sony service representative or
RMM-10 Rack Mount Kit
Rail kit for mounting the unit on a rack.


Table of Contents

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