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Usage Notes; Precautions For Products With Built-In Hdd; Ensuring Good Performance From This Unit - Sony MPE-200 Operation Manual

Multi image processor
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Usage Notes

Precautions for Products With Built-
This unit has a built-in hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD
is a precision device. If subject to shock, vibration, static
electricity, high temperature or humidity, data loss can
occur. When installing and using the unit, closely observe
the following precautions.
Protect from shocks and vibrations
When subject to shocks or vibrations, the HDD can be
damaged and loss of data on the HDD can occur.
• When transporting the unit, use the specified packing
material. When transporting on a dolly or similar, use a
type which does not transmit excessive vibrations.
Excessive shocks and vibrations can damage the HDD.
Also before removing or inserting the unit in a rack,
make sure that power is off.
• Before removing or inserting the unit in a rack, make
sure that power to any other HDD-equipped devices in
the rack is also switched off.
• Never move the unit while it is powered.
• When placing the unit on a floor or other surface, make
sure to put the unit down carefully.
• Do not place the unit near other devices that may become
a source of vibrations.
Wait for 30 seconds after turning power off
For a brief interval after the power is turned off, the platters
inside the HDD will still keep spinning and the heads will
be in an insecure position. During this interval, the unit is
more susceptible to shocks and vibrations than during
normal operation. For a period of at least 30 seconds after
turning power off, avoid subjecting the unit even to very
light shocks. After this period, the hard disk will be fully
stopped and the unit can be manipulated.
Temperature and humidity related
Use and store the unit only in locations where the specified
temperature and humidity ranges are not exceeded.
Temperature range for operation:
5 ºC to 40 ºC (41 ºF to 104 ºF)
Performance guaranteed temperature:
10 ºC to 35 ºC (50 ºF to 95 ºF)
Humidity range for operation:
20% to 90% relative humidity
(no condensation)
Temperature range for storage:
−20 ºC to +60 ºC (−4 ºF to +140 ºF)
Usage Notes
Humidity range for storage:
20% to 90% relative humidity
(no condensation)
Ensuring Good Performance From
This Unit
Operation and storage
Avoid using or storing the unit in the following places.
• Where it is subject to extremes of cold or heat (operating
temperature 5 ºC to 40 ºC (41 ºF to 104 ºF))
• Where it is subject to direct sunlight for extended
periods, or close to heating equipment.
• In conditions of high humidity or much dust
• Where it is subject to severe vibration
• Close to a source of strong magnetic fields
• Close to a radio, television, or other source of powerful
electromagnetic radiation
Install in a level place
This unit is designed to be operated in a level place. Do not
turn it vertically, or incline at an angle of 20 degrees or
Do not apply strong shocks
Dropping the unit, or subjecting it to other strong shocks
may cause it to break.
Do not obstruct the ventilation holes
To prevent the temperature from rising, do not, for
example, wrap the unit in a blanket while operating.
Care of the unit
Clean dirt from the cabinet and panel by wiping gently
with a dry cloth. If the unit is very dirty, wipe with a cloth
steeped in a little neutral detergent, then wipe dry. Do not
use alcohol, thinners, insecticides, or other volatile
solvents, as this may cause the case to deform or damage
the finish.
Pack in the original carton, or similar packaging, to
cushion the unit from violent shocks.


Table of Contents

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