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Mitsubishi Electric FR-F820-00046 Installation Manuallines Page 13

Fr-f800 series.
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For the FR-F820-03160(75K) or higher, and the FR-F840-01800(75K) or higher always connect a DC reactor (FR-HEL), which is
available as an option.
(When selecting a DC reactor, refer to page 47, and select one suitable for the applicable motor capacity.) When a DC reactor is
connected to the FR-F820-2330(55K) or lower or the FR-F840-01160(55K) or lower, if a jumper is installed across the terminals P1
and P/+, remove the jumper before installing the DC reactor.
When using separate power supply for the control circuit, remove the jumper between R1/L11 and S1/L21.
No input voltage is allowed for these terminals. The function of these terminals can be changed with the input terminal assignment
(Pr. 178 to Pr. 189). (Refer to page 29.)
Terminal JOG is also used as the pulse train input terminal. Use Pr. 291 to choose JOG or pulse.
Terminal input specifications can be changed by analog input specification switchover (Pr. 73, Pr. 267). To input a voltage, set the
voltage/current input switch OFF. To input a current, set the voltage/current input switch ON. Terminals 10 and 2 are also used as a
PTC input terminal (Pr. 561). (Refer to the FR-F800 Instruction Manual.)
It is recommended to use 2W, 1kΩ when the frequency setting signal is changed frequently.
Do not use terminals PR and PX. Do not remove the jumper connected to terminals PR and PX.
Do not connect the DC power supply (under DC feeding mode) to terminal P3.
The function of these terminals can be changed with the output terminal assignment (Pr. 195, Pr. 196). (Refer to page 29.)
The function of these terminals can be changed with the output terminal assignment (Pr. 190 to Pr. 194). (Refer to page 29.)
The terminal F/C (FM) can be used to output pulse trains as open collector output by setting Pr. 291.
Not required when calibrating the scale with the operation panel.
No function is assigned in the initial status. Assign the function using Pr. 186 "CS terminal function selection". (Refer to page 29.)
Upon delivery the FR-F800-E inverter models are not equipped with the RS-485 terminal block.
For FR-F800-E: The option connector 2 cannot be used because the Ethernet board is installed in the initial status. The Ethernet
board must be removed to install a plug-in option to the option connector 2. (However, Ethernet communication is disabled in that
To prevent a malfunction due to noise, keep the signal cables more than 10cm away from the power cables. Also, separate the main
circuit cables at the input side from the main circuit cables at the output side.
After wiring, wire offcuts must not be left in the inverter.
Wire offcuts can cause an alarm, failure or malfunction. Always keep the inverter clean.
When drilling mounting holes in a control box etc., take care not to allow chips and other foreign matter to enter the inverter.
Set the voltage/current input switch in the correct position. An incorrect setting may cause a fault, failure or malfunction.


Table of Contents

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