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Vacron CDR-E07 User Manual

All in one, 3g / wifi option
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Vehicle Video Recorder
User Manual
3G / WiFi (Option)
2016 APR V4.0



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  Summary of Contents for Vacron CDR-E07

  • Page 1 ALL IN ONE Vehicle Video Recorder User Manual 3G / WiFi (Option) 2016 APR V4.0...
  • Page 2 Notice Please test recording and play function to make sure the device is running well. Attention, if the failure was due to device accessories included memory card out of function to lead to any loss of video recording function fail or unable to read the video type, our company ,subsidiary bodies and agency all not responsible for indemnification.
  • Page 3 • Please do not use the organic solvent, benzene or acetone to clean the device. • Please do not let the device to contact water (ex. Sea water) or others liquids. • Please do not let any liquid or object into the device. •...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Features ........................1 Specification ....................... 2 Accessories ....................... 5 D. Structure of Product ....................6 Dimension ........................7 Installation Guide ...................... 8 G. Functions of Remote Controller ................9 H. Start / Stop Recording ................... 11 Software Player Instruction ................. 12 Formatting Memory Card ..................
  • Page 5: Features

    A. Features Suitable for all personal vehicle, taxi, bus, truck…… Built-in supercapacitor offers extensional power supply and ensures video is well stored of critical moment and compact. Small size, easy installation and dismount, it does not affect the driver's line of sight. Insert the card and power on to start recording without additional operating.
  • Page 6: Specification

    B. Specification Item Specification Chipset H.264 image compression chip Sensor Forward facing lens: 720p CMOS Sensor Device Backward facing lens: 720p CMOS Sensor. Outside vehicle approx : 120 degree View Angle Inside vehicle approx : 130 degree Please use 5V±5%, 1A Cigarette lighter adapter. The Voltage machine needs 4.7v to start.
  • Page 7 (a) TV-Out (1 Vp-p composite video output, 75 ohms), Video Output format: NTSC / PAL alternative. (b) Force Record Button: For emergency recording. Gleams in night time. (c) Red light: Recording indicator. In emergency recording, it flashes more frequently. Out Device (d) Green light Flashing: Searching GPS signals.
  • Page 8 (a) The current consumption of the machine over standard USB hole (output 500mA). When connect with PC power supply, it's better to buy another power cable with two holes for portable hard drive. (b) Machine must be installed in the area that wipe can be reached to ensure the clarity of recording video.
  • Page 9: Accessories

    Accessories Standard: (a) 5V cigarette Power adapter (b) USB card reader (c) 4 pings, 3.5 inch headphone jack to RCA output cable (d) Remote control (e) Suction cup bracket (f) Bracket holder (g) Product CD (h) Quick Guide Optional: (a) Micro SD card (8GB/16GB/32BG/64GB)Class 10 above (b) External GPS Mouse (4P Phone Jack Connect) (c) Mini_USB transfers to USB A Type (d) External USB WiFi WLAN Card (Apply for D-Link(DWA-...
  • Page 10: Structure Of Product

    D. Structure of Product Remote Control Receiver Force Recording Button IR LED Backward Facing Lens Indicator Light Sensor Recording Indicator DC5V(2) DC5V(1) GPS Mouse MICRO SD Card Video Out Forward Facing ※ Please do not plug the power in both mini-USB terminals. The machine might be damaged.
  • Page 11: Dimension

    E. Dimension UNIT:mm...
  • Page 12: Installation Guide

    Installation Guide Make the bracket facing Assemble the suction cups. Set up the machine in proper upward. position. Adjust the viewing angle. Plug the power cable to socket on photo No. 5 or No. 6, please do not plug in both sockets at the same time) Plug in the cigarette When the power is Force Record button: Light...
  • Page 13: Functions Of Remote Controller

    G. Functions of Remote Controller Button Function Description Force Manually establish a ▲ Recording recorded file which cannot Button be overwritten. Mode Full screen / Half screen Mode Button spilt shift Firmware version of the Menu Button Menu device displayed Mute Button Voice recording On/Off ◆...
  • Page 14 1. The right side of LIVE view will show , left figure is presented as forward facing lens, the other one is backward facing lens. When the figure becomes , the backward facing lens is turned off and the microphone recording is muted simultaneously. 2.
  • Page 15: Start / Stop Recording

    H. Start / Stop Recording When power on the device, the screen will show a welcome message for the device starts if connected to TV-Out. The firmware version of the device will displayed before LIVE view of recording starts. 1. Power on / Start Recording The device can be started completely after power on for one minute.
  • Page 16: Software Player Instruction

    Software Player Instruction How to read the files from Micro SD card? Open the plastic Remove the card Insert the Micro SD Connect the card lid. from the machine. card into the card reader to the PC reader (please make and use the software sure the direction is in CD to play the...
  • Page 17 Play & Settings Icon Instruction: play previous frame play backward Pause Stop Play Play next frame Play previous file Play next file Close Minimal Playback Calendar Backup...
  • Page 18 Snapshot Configuration Format G-sensor Compass  Disk Backup Save the recorded files to your PC. Click on the button and it will pop up the screen as below. Step1: Select the origin for the Micro SD card...
  • Page 19 Setp2: Select the recorded file which you want to backup Step3: Choose the backup file format (1)Micro SD Card Backup (*.sd) (2)AVI File Backup (*.avi) Backup format: (1) Micro SD card backup format Micro SD Card File type (*.sd)
  • Page 20 (2)AVI File Backup(*.avi) Chn01 is the forward facing lens record. The file name is *.avi. Chn02 is the backward facing lens record. The file name is *.avi. ★Note: If backup by original format of Micro SD card, the file recorded with location of GPS (longitude and latitude), speed and G-SENSOR.
  • Page 21 Select the video Quality: High/ 1 Video Quality Normal / Low The license plate number information can be input here, the film is easy to identify Information which vehicles to record video record (only English letter and number acceptable. This feature of the Micro SD card encryption, to prevent others from accessing any data.
  • Page 22 Time Zone: Time zone GMT (GPS auto time correction) You can set up the speed unit here. Km/h: kilometer per hour Mile/h: mile per hour Unit Of Knot:knot per hour Speed ★ Note:1 KM=0.6214 mile, 1 mile=1.6093KM, 1 Knot =1.853KM Set the sensitivity for G- sensor.
  • Page 23 File type: BMP Speed Meter & Volume Speed Meter Volume...
  • Page 24: Formatting Memory Card

    Video Search & Play Speed Play Speed Video Search (1)Video Search:You can use the mouse to drag the bar to search the video quickly. (2)Play Speed:Support 2x, 4x fast forwarding and -2x, -4x slow play mode. J. Formatting Memory Card When You Should Format Micro SD CARD? When you use the Micro SD card for the first time or just purchase a new card, you should format it in order to use it correctly.
  • Page 25 program and click on “Format Micro SD Card”. 2. Click on『Format』to start formatting the Micro SD card. Please see the following steps as reference. Windows XP Windows 7...
  • Page 26 3. When formatting is completed, please insert the card into the machine for recording. Open the plastic Insert the Micro Press the Micro Close the plastic lid . SD card in correct SD card in until it lid. direction. is set.
  • Page 27: Restoring Memory Card

    K. Restoring Memory Card When you have backup the recorded files into PC and want to use the Micro SD card for other purposes, you have to restore it first so it can be used correctly. Notice: 1. Before formatting Micro SD card, please ensure to unlock it first. 2.
  • Page 28 Windows XP Windows 7...
  • Page 29: Client Remote Surveillance (Optional)

    3G Client Remote Surveillance (optional) 1. Log In Please execute 3GClientApp.exe and log in. Log in page shown as below figure, key in the user account and password to log in the system. Notice: The version of executed software must be installed DirectX 9.0 or latter.
  • Page 30 (1) Live view Display Operation Interface Device List Device Positioning Light Description The device is not positioning by GPS positioning is ready. Yellow light is idling status. Red light is over speed status Live view Display Windows Division/Function Bottom Events Information/Device List/ Map...
  • Page 31 (2) Track Page ※ The Device need to use G-mouse for GPS positioning. Routes of Vehicle can be known by tracks and shown on the device.
  • Page 32 (3) Setting Pages  1Seeting Page 1 For setting parameters included video playing status, image recording setting, timming setting of auto flip and language setting. Real time→ Video smooth priority. Video Playing Smooth→ Image smooth priority. Setting Recording Recording storage route, Recording time, Setting HDD(SD/CIF) storage division related setting.
  • Page 33  Setting Page 2 Setting recording, and e-mail. Alarm Events Setting of the default recording channel and Record Setting timing when alarm switched. Sent Email to the assigned mail box when Mail Setting alarm switched.
  • Page 34 Mailing Function Options Warring 1 Warring 2 Warring 3 Warring 4 HDD out of function Over speed System Crash Video offline G sensor switched Offline Common use of SMTP Server List...
  • Page 35  Setting Page3 3G Relating Function Setting. Speed unit setting, Video linking automatic 3G Setting break timing setting, Read device setting. Others Setting Communication time disable setting.
  • Page 36 (4) Report Inquiry current device running data.
  • Page 37: Wifi (Optional)

    APK file for installation directly by linking (2) Turn on smart phone WiFi, choose「SSID」on searching list, the default password is「12345678」. (3) Open Vacron APP list, choose device list, add the channel and key in device name.
  • Page 38 → → (4) Live View → Snap In Time . → Recording In Time...
  • Page 39 (5) Playback/Back up...
  • Page 40 Made in Taiwan...