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3! Important Safety Instructions; Safety And Compliance - GE WattStation Pedestal Installation Manual

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WattStation Pedestal Installation Manual
3 Important Safety Instructions

3.1 Safety and Compliance

-Read all the instructions before using
this product.
-This device should be supervised when
used around children.
-Do not put fingers into the electric
vehicle connector.
-Do not use this product if the flexible
power cord or EV cable are frayed, have
broken insulation, or any other signs of
-Do not use this product if the enclosure
or the EV connector is broken, cracked,
open, or show any other indication of
-This document provides instructions for
installation of WattStation
5 5
Pedestal EV
GE Energy
Charging Station and should not be used for any
other product. Before installing the EVSE (Electric
Vehicle Supply Equipment), you should review
this manual carefully and consult with a licensed
contractor, licensed electrician, or trained
installation expert to ensure compliance with
local building codes, climate conditions, safety
standards and state and local electrical codes.
-The EVSE should be installed only by a licensed
contractor, and/or a licensed electrician in
accordance with all applicable state, local and
national electrical codes and standards. The
EVSE should be inspected by a qualified installer
prior to initial use. Under no circumstances will
compliance with the information in this manual
relieve the user of his/her responsibility to
comply with all applicable codes or safety
-To reduce the risk of fire, replace only with
same type and rating of fuse.
-Risk Of Explosion: This equipment has internal
arcing or sparking parts, which should not be
exposed to flammable vapors. It should not be
located in a recessed area or below floor level.
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