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GE DuraStation Operation And Maintenance

Evse charger


DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual
GE Energy Management
GE Networked DuraStation
EVSE Charger
Operation and Maintenance
GE Industrial Solutions
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  • Page 1 DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual GE Energy Management GE Networked DuraStation EVSE Charger Operation and Maintenance GE Industrial Solutions ©2014 GE Company All Rights Reserved...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    4.2.2 Accepting Connection to the Configuration Tool ......................14 4.2.3 Using the Configuration Tool ............................... 17 4.2.4 Common Settings tab ..................................20 4.2.5 Authorization Options ..................................21 4.2.6 GE WattStation Connect Options .............................. 23 4.2.7 Network Settings ....................................24 Networking ......................................26 Overview ........................................ 26 Terms &...
  • Page 3: Safety And Compliance

    This should be run with circuit conductors and connected to the equipment grounding bar or lead on the EVSE. Connections to the EVSE are the responsibility of the installer and purchaser, not GE and must comply with all applicable electrical codes and ordinances. •...
  • Page 4: Fcc Requirements

    2 Notes This manual is designed to provide you commissioning, preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting and proper operating instructions for your GE DuraStation Pedestal EVSE charger unit. A complete review is suggested prior to installation and subsequent operation of the product. Reference Documents Ref.
  • Page 5: Features

    3.1.2 QR Code The top assembly of the DuraStation has a ¾” x ¾” Quick Response (QR) code label placed under the top assembly cover, viewable through the top cover. Each QR code holds a unique serial number in its image.
  • Page 6: Communication Options

    FCC ID U9R-W2CBW009DI IC ID 7089-W2CBW09D Note that a DuraStation that has the WiFi radio and antenna installed cannot utilize the cellular option. 3.2.3 Cellular modem option The cellular modem will provide wireless communication for a single EVSE over a cellular provider’s network.
  • Page 7: Payment

    GE network to show the EVSE owner’s fees for using the charger to the driver. Once the driver has decided on accepting the EVSE owner’s fees, GE will grant access of the EVSE to the driver.
  • Page 8: Electronics

    If a vehicle requests facility ventilation by taking the control Pilot to State D as defined by SAE J1772, the DuraStation will not charge the vehicle and issue a fault indication on the LED Ring and fault icon. The fault will be cleared once the EVSE connector is removed from the vehicle. State D charging can be enabled by configuration …...
  • Page 9: Ge Wattstation Connect

    3.4.2 Firmware Updates The firmware for GE’s EV charging stations that are connected to GE WattStation Connect may be upgraded remotely by GE at any time to address critical bug fixes, security patches, or to add feature upgrades. GE Industrial Solutions...
  • Page 10: Technical Details

    DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual 3.5 Technical Details Requirement Spec Level II per J1772 SAE Compliant SAE J1772 EV connector Vehicle Interface 22 feet Cable Length AC Charging Power Output 7.2kW (240VAC @ 30A) Voltage and Current Rating 208-240VAC @ 30A...
  • Page 11: Operation

    4 Operation 4.1 Basic Operational Overview • The LED bar on the EVSE DuraStation pedestal unit will glow green when the unit is not in use and not in a faulted or reserved condition. • Before plugging the charging connector into the car, swipe the RFID card (if enabled) to initiate the charge process.
  • Page 12 DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual If the DuraStation is not connected to a network with a DHCP server then it will default to an IP address of Before connecting to the tool, ensure your computer has an IP address on the same subnet as the DuraStation.
  • Page 13: Accepting Connection To The Configuration Tool

    DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual 4.2.2 Accepting Connection to the Configuration Tool The DuraStation configuration tool runs over a secure http server that uses a so-called self- signed digital certificate that was created by GE Industrial Solutions specifically for the DuraStation.
  • Page 14 DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual Alert screen from Google Chrome Alert screen from Apple Safari Click “Proceed anyway” Click “Continue” Figure – 4.5 Figure – 4.6 After continuing as directed above, the browser window may have some kind of visible indication that the HTTPS connection is made with an untrusted certificate.
  • Page 15 DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual Select Language screen in Internet Explorer Figure – 4.7 In Google Chrome the https is in red and has as red line through it. These indications from the browsers are to be expected and should not be cause for alarm. Some of the web browsers will provide the option of viewing and installing or permanently accepting the certificate which will bypass the warning page for future accesses.
  • Page 16: Using The Configuration Tool

    DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual Add Security Exception window in Mozilla Firefox Click on “Confirm Security Exception” Figure – 4.9 Following these steps will allow you to bypass the security alert page for future accesses to the configuration tool. 4.2.3 Using the Configuration Tool From this point forward there is no difference between the browsers.
  • Page 17 On the Login screen enter the User Name and Password provided on the Provisioning or Commissioning card that was provided with your DuraStation. You may wish to write these into the boxes below in case your card ever gets lost or separated from this instruction manual.
  • Page 18 From this screen you can select from one of the following options. • Configuration settings tab: o Common …………….. a variety of settings to configure DuraStation functionality o Authorization ……… settings to configure access control and payment options o GE Connect ….…...
  • Page 19: Common Settings Tab

    Note: The Allow Simplified Control Pilot and Enable Diode Test settings affect the requirements of contactor turning on, therefore GE recommends either checking neither or checking both. Features are subject to change as new firmware is released so picture is shown as example.
  • Page 20: Authorization Options

    • Rated Current for Installation (Amps) The DuraStation Pedestal is rated for 30 Amps but there may be some installations in which DuraStation owners want to restrict charging to lower currents. This option sets the maximum current that the vehicle can draw per SAE J1772.
  • Page 21 The other authorization options in this tab are: • Access Limit Enables limiting charge time or energy based on data provided by GE backend … this may a future feature provided by the GE WattStation Connect service. • Swipe RFID to Release Cable … this option is for IEC type of units only with detachable cords •...
  • Page 22: Ge Wattstation Connect Options

    DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual 4.2.6 GE WattStation Connect Options GE DuraStation is largely setup and ready to go at the factory. However, there are a few configurable items to consider when setting up your DuraStation. Configuration options in the GE Connect tab Figure –...
  • Page 23: Network Settings

    DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual 4.2.7 Network Settings This tab is used to configure the network settings of the DuraStation. Configuration Options in the Networking tab Figure – 4.17 Important Note! Cellular equipped stations will exchange the WiFi setting options with some cellular settings as shown above.
  • Page 24 For DuraStations with a top-mounted antenna, either “Enable WiFi” or “Enable cellular” will be possible. If WiFi or Cellular connectivity is desired for the GE back-end connection, be sure that “Network Interface to GE CONNECT” is set to eth1 (WiFi) or ppp0 (cellular). •...
  • Page 25: Networking

    DuraStation supports speeds of 10/100 megabit capability. • WiFi – WiFi is also an option for connecting the DuraStation to an existing wireless environment. The WiFi interface is compatible with 802.11 b/g 2.4Ghz WiFi networks. 5.2 Terms & Definitions It is important to understand terms used throughout this section.
  • Page 26 DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual Cat5 – This is a twisted pair cable standard for carrying signals. This cabling is used for Ethernet and other networks. Maximum Ethernet Cat5 cable distance is 100 meters or 328ft. VLAN or Virtual LAN – This is a group of hosts with a common set of requirements that communicate as if they were attached to the same broadcast domain, regardless of their physical location.
  • Page 27: Network Topologies

    DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual 5.3 Network Topologies There are many different network topologies that the GE DuraStation supports. This includes wired Ethernet, WiFi and a dedicated Cellular modem. It is important to understand the following minimum requirements for all topologies.
  • Page 28 In this configuration the unit’s Ethernet port is used to provide primary connectivity via an installation site’s proxy server. The proxy server IP address and TCP port must be manually configured locally on the GE CONNECT page of local configuration tool (see section 4.2.6). Topology #5: WiFi + Proxy Server In this configuration the unit’s WiFi port is used to provide primary connectivity via an...
  • Page 29: Firewall And Security Considerations

    Some locations may utilize firewalls or similar filtering devices to secure their environment. The following table lists IP addresses and ports that must be allowed for the GE DuraStation to communicate properly. The DNS names are provided as reference and firewall or filtering device will most likely only use the IP address and TCP port numbers.
  • Page 30: Kits

    DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual 6 Kits 6.1 Pedestal Assembly Catalog Numbers Description Connect Communication Catalog No. Single Pedestal w/ Connect CAT 5 EVDPR3GEXXGB Single Pedestal w/ Connect WiFi EVDPR3GWXXGB Single Pedestal w/ Connect Cellular (CDMA) EVDPR3GZXXGB Single Pedestal w/ Connect...
  • Page 31: Trouble-Shooting

    7 Trouble-shooting 7.1 Fault Icon codes When the DuraStation™ controller experiences an alarm or fault it will display a fault code on the display. Alarms and faults are classified into three different categories: Hard faults – These problems are generally considered to be caused by an issue within the station, therefore the AC power must be cycled in order to clear these faults.
  • Page 32: Soft Faults

    The charging plug must be removed from the EV socket in order to clear this fault. It is possible to disable the pilot diode test using the local configuration tool (see section 4.2.4). Note that GE recommends disabling simplified charging if the diode test is disabled. Code 135 – Contactor won’t close Every time the charge controller attempts to close the contactor, it checks immediately afterwards for the auxiliary feedback on J11 pin 5 to change state.
  • Page 33: Alarms

    DuraStation™ EV Charger User Manual Codes 143, 144, 145, 151, 152 – Communication Controller Failure If the fault does not automatically clear or by removing the EVSE connector from the vehicle, cycle power on the WattStation. 7.4 Alarms Code 153 – Ground fault This alarm indicates that the charge controller has detected a ground fault condition that exceeds the allowable levels per UL 2231-2.
  • Page 34: Limited Warranty For Ge Durastation (Pedestal) ("This Warranty")

    (3) years valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, your sole and exclusive remedy will be for GE, in its sole discretion and to the extent permitted by law, to (1) repair the defect in the Hardware at no charge, using new parts or refurbished parts, or (2) exchange the Hardware with new or refurbished hardware that is functionally equivalent to the original Hardware, (the repaired Hardware and the exchanged hardware are called the “Remedied Hardware”).
  • Page 35 GE; (h) defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the product; (i) removed or defaced GE serial numbers; or (j) damage caused by or via the network on which the Hardware product is used including, but not limited to, any online intrusion or attack.
  • Page 36 Should further information be desired or should particular problems arise which are not covered sufficiently for the purchaser’s purposes, the matter should be referred to the GE Company. GE Industrial Solutions...

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