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Installation Procedure - GE WattStation Pedestal Installation Manual

Evse charger
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WattStation Pedestal Installation Manual

10 Installation Procedure

S S t t e e p p 1 1 : : Carefully unwrap the packaging and make
sure the following items are present:
S S t t e e p p 2 2 : : When removing the EVSE from the packaging,
do not lift the EVSE by the plastic top assembly. When
the EVSE needs to be lifted, remove the access door
and disconnect the ground connection on the door.
Grip EVSE on the door opening of the shell and/or
EV cable exit on front of shell. After EVSE has been
placed in its desired location, reconnect the ground
connection on door and close the access door.
S S t t e e p p 3 3 : : Check for any damage to the unit,
cord and connector.
If no damage is noticed, proceed to next step,
If damage is noticed, call 1-888-GE-RESOLVE.
S S t t e e p p 4 4 : : Locate area (concrete pad/ floor) for
EVSE unit
S S t t e e p p 5 5 : : Install two conduits, one for power
(minimum 1" Conduit), and one for communication
(minimum 3/4" Conduit). Both Conduits should fit
Within a 4.75" diameter.
Allow approximately 4" length for each conduit
above the concrete level as shown in Figure 1.
Cut as necessary to final dimensions. Route
power conduit and communication conduit
through the center of the concrete bed,
appropriately. Make sure that, concrete top
surface and EVSE unit bottom dome baseplate
are flushed and parallel to flat ground surface.
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WattStation Pedestal EVSE unit
Key for WattStation access door
Installation Manual
Provisioning card
Mounting Template
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