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Introduction - GE WattStation Pedestal Installation Manual

Evse charger
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WattStation Pedestal Installation Manual

2 Introduction

GE wishes to thank you for choosing our EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) product. We are
committed to being the world's leading supplier of EV chargers by providing the highest quality
products as well as the best documentation and product support available in the industry.
Compiled in this manual is a comprehensive set of documentation for your purchase. The manual
is designed to provide you installation, commissioning, preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting
and proper operating instructions for your GE Pedestal WattStation
complete review of the manual by your personnel prior to installation and subsequent operation of
the product.
Before proceeding to the instructions note that in this manual are several warnings, cautions and
notes which are highlighted in bold letters. Please take time to read these special instructions
because they contain important information regarding protection and safety of personnel and
WARNING: Denotes operating procedures and practices that may result in
personal injury or loss of life if not correctly followed
CAUTION: Denotes operating procedures and practices that, If not strictly
observed, may result in damage to, or destruction of equipment.
NOTE: : Notes call attention to information that is especially significant in
understanding and operating the equipment.
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EV charger unit. We suggest
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