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GE WattStation Pedestal Installation Manual page 17

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WattStation Pedestal Installation Manual
12 DuraStation
Ensure that, no power is connected to the DuraStation unit before the below steps are followed and also refer
the DuraStation user manual for detailed instructions.
1. Remove the access door on the back of the DuraStation kiosk unit by pressing the latch button
2. Take out the DuraStation kiosk by removing 1/2" – 13 Nut and 1/2" Star washer as shown in the
figure 12.1
3. Take out the kiosk skirt by removing 1/2" – 13 Nut and cut the threaded rods to the concrete bed
4. Use the WattStation Pedestal template provided with the package to locate and drill new set of 4
holes (refer step 6 under section 10 in this manual)
5. Cut any conduit outside of center access hole (center of base) 4" above the ground (refer step 5
under section 10 in this manual)
6. Extend power wires and communication wire (if available) by about 18"
7. Follow step 2 and step 7 through step 19 under section 10 as outlined in this manual to complete
the installation
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