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Settings; Basic Setting Operation; General Settings - Sony XAV-V750BT Operating Instructions Manual

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Basic Setting Operation

You can set items in the following setup categories:

General Settings,

Sound Settings,
Screen Settings,
Visual Settings
Press HOME, then touch [Settings].
Touch one of the setup category icons.
The items that can be set differ depending on
the source and settings.
Touch / to select the desired item.
To return to the previous display
To switch to the playback screen
General Settings
Selects the display language: [English],
[Español], [Русский].
Time Format
Changes the time format: [12-hour], [24-hour].
Clock Time
Sets the clock time by the RDS data: [OFF], [ON].
Clock Adjust
Sets the clock time manually.
(Available only when [Clock Time] is set to [OFF].)
Activates the operation sound: [OFF], [ON].
Dims the display: [OFF], [Auto], [ON].
([Auto] is available only when the illumination
control lead is connected, and works when the
head light is turned on.)
Dimmer Level
Adjusts the brightness level when the dimmer is
activated: –5 to +5.
Touch Panel Adjust
Adjusts the touch panel calibration if the
touching position does not correspond with the
proper item.
Output Color System
Changes the color system according to the
connected monitor (SECAM is not supported):
[NTSC], [PAL].
(Available only when no source is selected.)
Camera Input
Selects the image from the rear view camera:
[Normal], [Reverse] (mirror image), [OFF].
Steering Control
Selects the input mode for the connected
remote control. To prevent a malfunction, be
sure to match the input mode with the
connected remote control before use.
Input mode for the steering wheel remote
control (Automatically selected when [User
Defined] is complete.).
Input mode for the wired remote control
excluding the steering wheel remote control.
User Defined
The steering button panel appears.
 Press and hold the button you want to assign
to the steering wheel.
The button on the panel lights up (standby).
 Press and hold the button on the steering
wheel you want to assign the function to.
The button on the panel changes to blue
(registration complete).
 To register other functions, repeat steps 
and .
(Available only when [Steering Control] is set to
 While making settings, only button operation on
the unit is available. For safety, park your car
before making this setting.
 If an error occurs while registering, all the
registered information is cleared. Restart
registration from the beginning.
 This function may not be available on some
vehicles. For details on the compatibility of your
vehicle, visit the support site on the back cover.
Bluetooth Connection
Activates the BLUETOOTH signal: [OFF], [ON],
[Pairing] (enters into pairing standby mode).
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