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Activating voice recognition
By registering applications, you can control an
application by voice command. For details, refer to
the help section of the application.
To activate voice recognition
Press and hold VOICE to activate voice recognition.
Say the desired voice command into the
microphone when [Say Source or App] appears on
the Android smartphone.
 To use this function, assign the VOICE (voice
command) function to this button by selecting [Voice]
in [SOURCE Key Func.] (page 18).
 Voice recognition may not be available in some cases.
 Voice recognition may not work properly depending
on the performance of the connected Android
 Operate under conditions where noise such as engine
sound is minimized during voice recognition.
Replying a message of SMS
You can reply a message by voice recognition.
Activate voice recognition, then input "Reply
The message input display appears on the "SongPal"
Input a reply message by voice recognition.
The list of message candidates appears on the
"SongPal" application.
Touch / to select the desired message, then
touch [Enter].
The message is sent out.

Using Siri Eyes Free

Siri Eyes Free allows you to use an iPhone
handsfree by simply speaking into the microphone.
This function requires you to connect an iPhone to
the unit via BLUETOOTH. Availability is limited to
iPhone 4s or later. Make sure that your iPhone is
running the latest iOS version.
You must complete BLUETOOTH registration and
connection configurations for the iPhone with the
unit in advance. For details, see "Preparing a
BLUETOOTH Device" (page 8).
Activate the Siri function on the iPhone.
For details, refer to the operating instructions
supplied with the iPhone.
Press and hold SOURCE.
The voice command display appears.
After the iPhone beeps, speak into the
The iPhone beeps again, then Siri starts
To deactivate Siri Eyes Free
Touch [Close].
 The iPhone may not recognize your voice depending
on usage conditions. (For example, if you are in a
moving car.)
 Siri Eyes Free may not function properly, or the
response time may lag in locations where iPhone
signals are difficult to receive.
 Depending on the iPhone's operating condition, Siri
Eyes Free may not function properly, or may quit.
 If you play a track with an iPhone using the
BLUETOOTH audio connection, when the track starts
playback via BLUETOOTH, Siri Eyes Free automatically
quits and the unit switches to the BLUETOOTH audio
 When Siri Eyes Free is activated during audio
playback, the unit may switch to the BLUETOOTH
audio source even if you do not specify a track to play.
 When connecting the iPhone to the USB port, Siri Eyes
Free may not function properly, or may quit.
 When connecting the iPhone to the unit via USB, do
not activate Siri with the iPhone. Siri Eyes Free may
not function properly, or may quit.
 There is no audio sound while Siri Eyes Free is
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