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Continuous Discharge From Ecv & Ptr Valves; Service Contact Details; Maintenance And Repair; Periodic Inspection - Bosch Tronic 1000T Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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9.2.4 Continuous discharge from ECV & PTR valves
Discharges of more than 15 litres of water in 24 hours indicates
that the valve may not be functioning correctly. This may be
remedied by gently easing the valve lever for a few seconds as
described under Routine Service to dislodge any foreign
CAUTION: Continual flow may also indicate
high water pressure which will require a
pressure limiting valve to be fitted by an
authorised person.

Service contact details

Bosch has an extensive network of service agents that may be
contacted in event of failure of your water heater.
Please contact AU 1300 30 70 37, NZ 0800 543 352, or
Ensure that you have copied the Model Number and Date of
Manufacture from the water heater Data label and pass this
information to our service department to ensure prompt
Tronic 1000 T

Maintenance and repair

The electric storage water heater should
only be serviced by a qualified person, and in
accordance with the Plumbing Standard AS/
NZS 3500.4 and local authority
Routine service will assist in prolonging the
life of your water heater, and help ensure
trouble free operation.

10.1 Periodic Inspection

It is recommended that a periodic inspection of the valves,
thermostat, heating elements and wiring should be made by a
service person qualified in electric appliance repair.
Most electrical appliances, even when new, make some sound
when in operation. If the hissing or singing sound level
increases excessively, the electric heating element may require
cleaning. Contact a qualified installer or service agent.
10.2 Pressure and temperature relief valve (PTR
At least every 6 months:
▶ Lift and release the lever handle on the PTR valve, to make
certain the valve operates freely.
Allow several litres to flush through the discharge line to an
open drain.
If the valve does not discharge water when the release lever is
opened, or does not seal properly when closed, replacement
by an authorised person must be arranged immediately. The
PTR valve is not serviceable.
Never replace the PTR Valve with one which
has a higher pressure rating than is specified
for your water heater.
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