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Appliance Details; Overview; Features And General Information - Bosch Tronic 1000T Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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6 | Appliance details

Appliance details


Fig. 2
Appliance overview

Features and general information

Your storage electric water heater consists of a vitreous enamel
lined steel cylinder, an internally adjustable thermostat,
a pre-painted zinc-coated steel shell or exterior, an immersion
type element, a sacrificial anode, and a PTR safety valve.
Water is stored within the steel inner tank and is heated to the
thermostat set temperature by the element. The PTR valve
ensures water pressure and temperature does not exceed safe
limits during the heating cycle. As the water is drawn off in
normal every-day use, the thermostat will monitor the tank
temperature and activate the element to ensure hot water is
The thermostat is factory set at 65°C and is
adjustable from 50°C to 70°C by an
authorised person.
The tank is a mains pressure tank. It is designed to supply water
at mains pressure (above 350kPa).
6 720 821 421 (2017/04)
If the maximum cold water pressure exceeds 680kPa, a
pressure limiting valve must be fitted.
The sacrificial anode in your water heater (located at the top of
the water heater) will slowly erode to protect the cylinder.
Bosch recommends that the anode be
inspected and replaced every five years or
more frequently in poor water quality areas.
Water heater life expectancy is dependent on a number of
factors including water heater usage patterns, water quality
and water pressure.
NOTICE: Please refer to the Water Quality
Statement on Page 19, and the Warranty
Details on page 20.
Water Quality
This water heater has been designed and constructed to be
suitable for connection to most water supplies in Australia and
Tronic 1000 T