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Water Quality; Environmental Protection/Recycling - Bosch Tronic 1000T Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Water quality

All Bosch water heating appliances are constructed from high
quality materials and components, and all are certified for
compliance with relevant parts of Australian and New Zealand
gas, electrical and water standards.
This water heater has been designed and constructed to be
suitable for connection to most water supplies in Australia and
New Zealand. However, in areas where Total Dissolved Solids
(TDS) exceeds 2500mg/L, detrimental effects on water heater
performance and longevity will result.
While Bosch water heaters are warranted against
manufacturing defects, the warranty is conditional upon
correct installation and use, in accordance with detailed
instructions provided with the heater. In the case of the water
supplied to the heater, it is important that the water quality be
of acceptable standard.
The water quality limits/parameters listed in the water quality
table (table 6, page 19) are considered acceptable, and
generally Australian and New Zealand suburban water supplies
fall within these limits/parameters.
Where uncertainty exists concerning water quality, intending
appliance users should seek a water analysis from the water
supplying authority. In cases where it is established that the
water supply does not meet the quality requirements of the
water quality table, the Bosch warranty would not apply.
Should your water supply have a TDS of greater than 600mg/L,
the installed anode must be the "blue" one (aluminium) or
hydrogen gas can accumulate at the top of the water heater in
long periods of no use. When this is likely to occur, the installer
should instruct the householder on how to dissipate the gas
safely. This process is explained on the previous page under
"Safety". The change of anode must be done by a plumber or
authorised service person.
Corrosive Water
Water deemed to be corrosive can attack parts causing them to
fail. When the water supply Saturation Index (check with your
local water supplier for additional information) is less than -
1.0, water is deemed corrosive and a corrosion resistant
heating element should be used. The effect of scaling water is
the build up of calcium carbonate onto hot metallic surfaces.
When the Saturation Index is greater than +0.40, an expansion
control valve must be fitted on the cold water line after the non-
return valve. Should the Saturation Index exceed +0.80, a low-
watts density heating element should be fitted to your water
heater by your local Bosch authorised service agent.
Tronic 1000 T
Water quality table
Maximum levels:
6.5-9.0 +0.4 to -1.0
at 65 °C
Table 6

Environmental protection/Recycling

Environmental protection is one of the fundamental company
policies of the Bosch Group.
Product quality, efficiency, and environmental protection are
equally important objectives for us. We comply with all
environmental protection laws and regulations.
In order to protect the environment, we use the latest
technologies and the best materials whilst bearing in mind the
economic implications.
Where packaging is concerned, we participate in the relevant
local recycling systems in order to ensure optimum recycling.
All of our packaging materials are environmentally friendly and
can be reused.
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