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Whirlpool 25RI-D4 Instructions For Use Manual page 8

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If there is water in the defrost pan:
• This is normal in hot and humid weather. The pan can even be half full. Make sure the refrigerator is
level so that water does not spill from the pan.
If the appliance temperature is too high:
• Are the appliance controls correctly adjusted?
• Has a large amount of food been placed in the appliance?
• Make sure the air ducts inside the compartment are not blocked and thus preventing the circulation of
cold air.
If the area in contact with the seal is hot to the touch:
• This is normal in hot weather and when the compressor is working.
If the doors do not open and close properly:
• Make sure the door seals are not dirty or sticky.
• Make sure the appliance is level.
If the light does not work:
• Is the lamp burnt?
If the automatic ice-maker does not work:
• Has the freezer had enough time to become cold? With a new appliance this may take overnight.
• Is the automatic ice-maker ON/OFF button set to ON? (On some models. Refer to the product sheet).
• Is water reaching the automatic ice-maker? Is the water cock open? The filter may be clogged or not
correctly installed. Firstly, check the filter installation instructions to make sure the filter is correctly
fitted and not clogged. If installation or clogging is not the problem, call qualified personnel or a
If the dispenser does not work:
• Is the freezer compartment door closed?
• Is the ice bucket correctly installed?
If the ice dispenser stops working:
• Are the ice cubes stuck because the ice dispenser has not been used for some time? Shake the ice
bucket to separate the cubes and increase the holding capacity. It is advisable to throw away the old ice
cubes and make new ice.
• Has the ice dispenser lever been pressed for too long? Wait about 3 minutes for the dispenser motor to
If the dispenser does not dispense ice when the lever is pressed:
• Change the ice selection from cubes to crushed ice, or vice versa, in order to remove any ice blocks. If
the dispenser still does not dispense ice, wait a couple of minutes and repeat the operation.
If the dispenser does not dispense water when the lever is pressed:
• During the first delivery, there will be a delay of 15 to 20 seconds due to the system needing to fill with
• If the appliance is kept at very cold temperatures and the meat drawer temperature control shutter is
open, water delivery might be temporarily interrupted. Closing the shutter will cause water delivery to
recommence within the next 12 hours.
If there is condensate in the ice and water dispenser:
• Press the corresponding button (marked with A in the figure) to
activate the anticondensate function.
Automatic ice-maker noises:
Since the appliance is equipped with an automatic ice-maker, you may
hear a humming sound (coming from the water valve), water trickling
and the sound of ice falling into the bucket.
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