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Storing, Freezing And Thawing Food; Troubleshooting Guide - Whirlpool 25RI-D4 Instructions For Use Manual

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Wrap food so that no water, moisture or condensate can enter; this will prevent odours or aromas going
from one part to another in the refrigerator, ensuring better preservation of frozen foods.
NOTE: Never place hot food in the freezer. Cooling hot foods before freezing saves energy and prolongs
the life of the appliance.
"MULTIFLOW" is a ventilated air distribution system, which ensures a homogeneous temperature inside
the refrigerator compartment. Thanks to this system, the different types of food can be stored on any of
the shelves of the appliance. Attention should be paid not to obstruct the air distribution vents, thus
ensuring free air circulation.


Before contacting the After-sales Service...
Operation problems are often due to minor causes that can be found and fixed without using any tools.
Noises from appliances are normal since the fans and compressors for controlling its operation switch on
and off automatically.
Some noises can be reduced by: levelling the appliance and installing it on a flat surface, separating and
preventing contact of the appliance with the cabinets, making sure the inside parts are correctly
positioned, making sure the bottles and containers are not touching each other.
Some possible operation noises:
• hissing when the appliance is switched on the first time or after a long period.
• gurgling when the refrigerant enters the pipes.
• humming when the water valve or fan are activated.
• rattling when the compressor starts up or when the ice drips in the bucket.
• a sudden thud when the compressor starts up or stops.
The appliance does not work:
• Is the power cable plugged into a socket powered with the right voltage?
• Have you checked the protection devices and fuses of your home's electrical system?
The motor seems to run too much:
• Is the condenser free of dust and fluff?
• Are the doors properly closed?
• Are the door seals intact?
• On hot days or when the room is warm, it is normal for the motor to run longer.
• If the appliance door has been left open for a long time or if large amounts of food have been
introduced, the motor will run longer in order to cool the inside of the appliance.
If moisture has accumulated:
• Make sure the air ducts inside the compartment are not blocked and thus preventing the circulation of
• If the room is very humid, it is normal for moisture to accumulate inside the appliance.
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