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Cleaning And Maintenance; Troubleshooting - Haier RTC1700EBSS User Manual

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• First, remove the plug of the power cord from the wall outlet.
• After the oven cools, use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the unit.
Do not soak the inside of the oven or wash it in running water, as this
will cause serious damage to the appliance.
• Do not use a sharp or hard kitchen utensil on the oven since this
could damage the surface of the appliance.
• The wire rack, drip pan, rotisserie spit and forks can be removed and
washed with running water or in a dishwasher. If food particles are
hard to remove, soak them in hot soapy water before rinsing.
• To replace the oven light, make sure that the oven is shut off and has
completely cooled. Loosen the screw on the light bulb cover on the
upper rear corner of the right interior wall. Remove the cover. Turn
the bulb counterclockwise to remove. Replace the new bulb in the
socket and turn the bulb clockwise to tighten. Replace the light bulb
cover and tighten the screw.
• If the oven has not been used for a long time, be sure to wipe off any
dust and moisture before operating.


1. The oven does not become hot after being turned on.
• Check that the unit is plugged in.
• Make sure that the cooking time has been set.
• Make sure that the temperature has been set.
2. There is a metallic sound when the oven is in use.
• Shut the unit off. Do not dismantle the oven. Send it to an
authorized service agent right away for an examination
of the fan.
3. Food is often overcooked or burned, even when cooked according to
the recipe.
• Have an authorized service agent check the temperature
• Check that the fan motor is operating normally.
NOTE: If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent or a similarly qualified person in
order to avoid a hazard.



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