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Rotisserie; Time/Temperature Control - Haier RTC1700EBSS User Manual

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When this function is selected, the upper heating element is operating
with the fan and the rotisserie motor. The temperature is set at 400º F.
The working time is 45 minutes. The temperature is adjustable, with a
range from 300º F to 400º F.
1. Trim any loose hangings on the poultry or meat before placing on
the rotisserie. Wings and legs on poultry should be tied together
with wet string or butcher's twine to prevent them from touching the
heating elements as it rotates. They should be secured close to the
body. Cut off any excess string.
2. Then insert the rotisserie spit into the food. Loosen the screws on the
forks and place one onto the spit on either side of the food. Center
the food on the spit and then skewer the food to be cooked. Insert
the forks at different angles to hold the food more firmly in place.
Tighten the fixing screws to fix the rotisserie forks into place.
3. Insert the pointed end of the spit into the hole on the right inner wall
of the oven and lower the left side into the cradle on the left inner
wall of the oven.
4. Place the drip pan at the lowest level.
5. Set the temperature to the desired level.
6. Set the required cooking time.
NOTE: When cooking at half the power, the oven alternates between
Press the "+" and "–" buttons to change the baking time and
temperature. The "+" button increases the length of time or
temperature. The "–" button decreases the length of time or
NOTE: The maximum operation time is 10 hours. You can add or
working for 1 minute and shutting off for 1 minute.
decrease cooking time in increments of 1 minute. The temper-
ature range is 150º F to 450º F. When adjusting the tempera-
ture, it
increases or decreases in 25º F increments.



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