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18.1” tft-lcd panel colour monitor
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8. Precautions

Please pay attention to the following when the TFT--LCD module with the Back--light unit is used,
handled and mounted.

8.1. Precautions to Mounting

Since the module is thin and heavy, applying strong force to a part of the module may cause
partial deformation of frame or mould, and cause malfunctions of the module.
The module shall gently and firmly be held by both hands. Never hold the longer side of the
module by just one hand in order not to cause any internal malfunction. Never drop or hit the
The module shall be installed with mounting holes at each corner of the module.
Uneven force such as twisted stress shall not be applied to the module when the module is
mounted on the cover case. And the cover case must have sufficient strength so that external
force can not be transmitted directly to the module.
Materials with acetic acid type or choline type shall not be used for the cover case as well as oth-
er parts and boards near the module. Because, gases from the materials at higher temperature
are corrosive and attack the module. Acetic acid type attacks the polarizer. Choline type attacks
electric circuits due to electrochemical reaction.
The polarizer on the TFT--LCD cell shall carefully be handled due to its softness, and shall not be
touched, pushed or rubbed with glass, tweezers or anything harder than HB pencil lead. The
surface of the polarizer shall not be touched and rubbed with bare hands, greasy clothes or
dusty clothes with chemical treatment. (Some cosmetics are detrimental to the polarizer.)
Saliva or water drops shall be immediately wiped off. Otherwise, the portion of the polarizer may
be deformed and its color may be faded.
The module shall not be opened or modified. Otherwise, it may cause malfunctions.
Metallic bezel of the module shall not be handled with bare hand or dirty gloves. Otherwise, col-
or of the metallic frame may become dirty during its storage. It is recommended to use both
clean soft gloves and clean fingerstalls when the module is handled at incoming inspection pro-
cess and production (assembly) process.
The cable for lamp (CFL) shall not be pull or held.

8.2. Electrostatic Discharge Control

Since the module consists of TFT--LCD cell and electronic circuits with CMOS--ICs, which are
very weak to electrostatic discharge, persons who are handling the module shall be grounded
through adequate such as list band. Pins of I/F connector shall not be touched with bare hands.
Protection film for polarizer on the module shall be slowly peeled off just before the use so that
the electrostatic charge can be minimized.

8.3. Precautions to Strong Light Exposure

The module shall not be exposed under strong light. Otherwise, characteristic of the polarizer
and color filter in the module may be degraded.

8.4. Precautions to Storage

When the module for replacement are stored for long time, following precautions shall be taken care
The module shall be stored in a dark place. It is prohibited to apply sunlight or fluorescent light
during the storage. The module shall be stored at 5 to 35C at normal humidity (60% RH or less).
The surface of the polarizer shall not come in contact with any other object. It is recommended
that the module shall be stored in the same shipping container that Nec used.

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