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8.5. Precautions to Handling Protection Film

The protection film for polarizer shall be pealed off slowly and carefully by persons who are elec-
trically grounded with adequate methods such as list bands. Besides, ionized air shall be blown
over during the peeling action. Dusts on the polarizer shall be blown off by an ionized nitrogen
gun and so on.
The protection film shall be peeling off without rubbing it to the polarizer. Because, if the film is
rubbed together with polarizer, since the film is attached to the polarizer with a small amount of
adhesive, the adhesive may remain on the polarizer.
The module with protection film shall be stored at the conditions explained in 7.4. However, if the
storing time is too long, the adhesive may remain on the polarizer even after the protection film is
slowly peeled off. If the module is stored at higher temperature and/or higher humidity, the adhe-
sive may remain more on the polarizer. The remained adhesive may causes non--uniformity.
The remained adhesive or its vestige on the polarizer shall be wiped off with absorbent cotton or
other soft materials such as chamois

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Table of Contents

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