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Components That Can Be Destroyed By Electrostatic Discharge (Esd) - Siemens SINAMICS G120P Operating Instructions Manual

Filter for pm330 power module
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Components that can be destroyed by electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Components sensitive to electrostatic charge
The board contains components that can be destroyed by electrostatic discharge. These
components can be easily destroyed if not handled properly. If you do have to use
electronic boards, however, please observe the following:
• You should only touch electronic boards if absolutely necessary.
• When you touch boards, however, your body must be electrically discharged
• Boards must not come into contact with highly insulating materials (such as plastic
• Boards must only be placed on conductive surfaces.
• Boards and components should only be stored and transported in conductive packaging
• If the packaging material is not conductive, the boards must be wrapped with a
The necessary ESD protective measures are clearly illustrated in the following diagram:
● a = conductive floor surface
● b = ESD table
● c = ESD shoes
● d = ESD overall
● e = ESD wristband
● f = cabinet ground connection
● g = contact with conductive flooring
Figure 1-1
dV/dt filter compact plus Voltage Peak Limiter
Operating Instructions, 11/2013, A5E32847614B AA
1.3 Components that can be destroyed by electrostatic discharge (ESD)
parts, insulated desktops, articles of clothing manufactured from man-made fibers).
(such as metalized plastic boxes or metal containers).
conductive packaging material (such as conductive foam rubber or household aluminum
ESD protective measures
Safety information


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