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Siemens SINAMICS G120P Operating Instructions Manual page 19

Filter for pm330 power module
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Connection overview
Figure 4-2
Connecting the du/dt filter compact plus Voltage Peak Limiter
Cable cross-sections
Table 4- 1
Risk of fire and damage to equipment due to short-circuit/ground fault
The cables to the DC link of the Power Modules must be routed so that a ground fault or
short circuit can be ruled out. A ground fault can result in fire with the associated smoke.
• Protect the cables from mechanical damage.
• Comply with local installation regulations that enable this fault to be ruled out.
In addition, apply one of the following measures:
• Use cables with double insulation.
• Maintain adequate clearance, using spacers, for example.
• Route the cables in separate cable ducts or pipes.
Maximum cable lengths
The connections should be kept as short as possible.
The maximum cable length between the Power Module and the du/dt filter compact (motor
cables and cables to the DC link) is 5 m.
dV/dt filter compact plus Voltage Peak Limiter
Operating Instructions, 11/2013, A5E32847614B AA
Cable cross-sections for connections between a du/dt filter and Power Module
du/dt filter compact plus Voltage Peak Limiter
Order number 6SL3000-2DE35-0EA0
Electrical installation


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