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Safety And Application Instructions - Siemens SINAMICS G120P Operating Instructions Manual

Filter for pm330 power module
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Safety information

1.2 Safety and application instructions

Safety and application instructions
Dangerous electrical voltage
This equipment is used in industrial high-voltage installations. During operation, this
equipment contains live, bare parts. For this reason, they could cause severe injury or
significant material damage if the required covers are removed, if they are used or operated
incorrectly, or have not been properly maintained.
When the machines are used in non-industrial areas, the installation location must be
protected against unauthorized access (protective fencing, appropriate signs).
The persons responsible for the safety of the plant or system must ensure that the following
conditions are met:
● Basic planning work for the system and all work relating to transportation, assembly,
installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs is carried out by qualified personnel
and checked by responsible, suitably skilled personnel.
● The Operating Instructions and machine documentation are always available.
● The technical specifications regarding the applicable installation, connection,
environmental, and operating conditions are always observed.
● The plant-specific assembly and safety guidelines are observed and personal protection
equipment is used.
● Unqualified personnel are forbidden from using these machines and working near them.
These Operating Instructions are intended for qualified personnel and only contain
information and notes relating to the intended purpose of the machines.
The Operating Instructions and machine documentation are written in different languages as
specified in the delivery contracts.
Support by SIEMENS service centers
We recommend engaging the support and services of your local Siemens service center for
all planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance work.
dV/dt filter compact plus Voltage Peak Limiter
Operating Instructions, 11/2013, A5E32847614B AA


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