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Regular Maintenance; Daily Cleaning White To Avoid Dull White Ink And Checking The Print Quality (once A Day, Before Printing) - Brother GT-3 SERIES Basic Operation Manual

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5. Maintenance

5-1. Regular Maintenance

This section describes the daily maintenance required to keep the printer in good condition, how to replace the
consumables, and the general maintenance of the printer.
Do not leave the White ink inside the printer. White pigment precipitates and may cause serious damage to your
printer. This section describes how to maintain the White Ink. Execute the following menu to keep your printer and
print result in good conditions.
Daily Cleaning White
Nozzle Check Pattern
White Tube Cleaning
Confirm if there is enough room in Waste Ink Tank before executing the maintenance.
5-1-1. Daily Cleaning White to avoid dull White Ink and Checking the Print Quality (once
a day, before printing)
(1) Shake the White Ink Cartridge one by one to keep the whiteness of the White Ink. Pull out one of the White
Ink Cartridge, hold the cartridge with both hands, upside down from the mounted position. Shake by moving
back and forth to mix up the pigment from the bottom and shake it horizontally, in 30 seconds to 1 minute.
(See "5-2-6. Replacing the Ink Cartridge".)
(2) Select [ Daily Cleaning White ] from the menu and press the OK Button. Select "All White" to do in one time or
select each Print Head to do one by one. Press OK button to continue.
(3) After replacing the White Ink, print Nozzle Check Pattern from [ Test Print ] menu to check the print quality.
Also print Whiteness pattern on the pretreated material so that you can see the whiteness.
If ink mis-firing continues, the ink contained in the head nozzle will become solidified, requiring print head
(e.g.) CMYK side:
If a white line is found (Arrow 1) or the printed line is broken (Arrow 2), the print head of the relevant color
(magenta in the case of the photo below) has a problem with ink mis-firing. (If so, see "7-2-2. Cleaning the Print
Heads" in the Instruction Manual.)
Replaces the white-less White Ink caused by settled pigments.
(once a day)
Check the print quality
(once a day)
Once a week
Prevents the Tubes from choking with pigments.
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