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Toshiba B-452-R Printer Driver Operating Manual Page 87

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Status Monitoring
 Status tab
Enables monitoring the printer status.
Applicable printer models:
B-SX4T (203 dpi), B-SX4T-CN (203 dpi), B-SX5T
(305 dpi), B-SX5T-CN (305 dpi), B-SV4, B-SA4T
(203 dpi), B-SA4T-CN (203 dpi), B-SA4T (300 dpi),
B-SA4T-CN (300 dpi), B-852-R, B-452-R, B-462-R,
B-EP2DL-G, B-EP4DL-G, B-SX6T (305 dpi),
B-SX8T (305 dpi), B-EX4T1 (203 dpi), B-EX4T1
(305 dpi), B-EX4T2 (203 dpi), B-EX4T2 (300 dpi),
B-EX4T2 (600 dpi), B-EX4D2 (203 dpi), B-FV4 (203
dpi), B-FV4 (300 dpi), B-FP3D (203 dpi), B-EX6T1
(203 dpi), B-EX6T1 (305 dpi), B-EX6T3 (203
dpi) ,B-EX6T3 (305 dpi) and B-EX4T3 (600 dpi).
Requirements to use the status monitor:
The printer and the PC are connected with a
serial interface cable.
• The printer and the PC are connected with a
parallel interface cable and the "CENTRO.
MODE" and "PLUG & PLAY" are set to "ECP"
and "ON", respectively. (B-SX4T/SX5T only)
• The printer and the PC are connected with a
USB cable.
• The printer and the PC are connected with a
LAN cable.
Printer Status Monitoring:
• Disabled:
Printer status is not monitored.
• During print jobs only:
• On demand: Printer status is monitored only while printing.
• Continuous: Printer status is always monitored.
Status Display Options:
Show advanced status in Comments field:
Comment column of the "Printer & FAX" window. Since this feature is not supported, do not change the
default settings.
Show icon in taskbar notification area:
bar and the printer statuses are periodically monitored.
Show Status Window: When checked, the status monitor's status window is displayed. Remove the
check or click the [X] button to close the window.
• Printer:
Name of the printer monitored.
• Port:
Output port monitored. The printer uses this port for printing.
• Status:
Printer status This is equivalent to the message displayed on
the printer LCD.
statuses, not detailed information like the number of unprinted
Ready, Ribbon Low
Ready, Paper near end
Command Error
Out of Ribbon
Cutter Error
Door Open
Label Present
Head Temperature High
Battery Temperature High
Bluetooth Setting Error
Enables selecting how to start the status monitor.
Printer status is monitored while a print job exists in the print queue.
When checked, the status monitor icon is displayed on the task
This windows only shows the printer
Paused, Ribbon Low
Pause, Paper near end
Head Open
Ribbon Error
RFID Write Error
I/O Error
Ambient Temperature Error
Low Battery
Battery Warning
When checked, a printer status is displayed on the
- 85 -
Printing, Ribbon Low
Printing, Paper near end
Out of Paper
Paper Jam
Sensor Error
RFIE Error
Motor Temperature High
Output Full
Charge Error
Head Temperature Warning


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