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Toshiba B-452-R Printer Driver Operating Manual Page 64

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 Function Character
When a bar code font is used for printing, use of the function character enables encoding binary data. The
default setting is a caret [^] (5EH).
The following explanation is based on an assumption that the caret [^] (5EH) is used.
Entry in hex. format
<Example> To specify binary data of 00 to 06:
Entry with abbreviation
<Example> To specify binary data of 00 to 06:
Entry of the function character
When using the function character as bar code data, send the function
character twice.
 Driver Option tab
Device Line Substitution
 Enable Substitution
This option allows selecting whether or not to
substitute a line drawn in a print image with a Line
When this checkbox is not checked, the line is
processed as a Graphic Command.
When checked, the line is drawn using the
printer's line drawing function, which may result in
higher throughput.
 Minimum Length
The minimum length of a line that is to be
recognized as a Line Command.
shorter than this value is processed as a Graphic
Note: Some applications do not always print correctly with this feature enabled. In such case, remove the check from
the check box.
Software Compatibility
 Default Copies
The number of labels to be printed as default. Unless this number is changed with the application, this
value will be effective.
The line
- 62 -
Binary data
<NUL> 00
<DLE> 10
<SOH> 01
<DC1> 11
<STX> 02
<DC2> 12
<ETX> 03
<DC3> 13
<EOT> 04
<DC4> 14
<ENQ> 05
<NAK> 15
<ACK> 06
<SYN> 16
<BEL> 07
<ETB> 17
<BS> 08
<CAN> 18
<HT> 09
<EM> 19
<LF> 0A
<SUB> 1A
<VT> 0B
<ESC> 1B
<FF> 0C
<FS> 1C
<CR> 0D
<GS> 1D
<SO> 0E
<RS> 1E
<SI> 0F
<US> 1F
<DEL> 7F


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