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HP Intelligent Power Distribution Unit User Manual: Configuring Hp Sim To Receive Traps

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Example: ADDITIONALWSDISC.PROPS file with iPDU entry
# ----------------------------------------------------
# Additional Web Server Discovery Properties
# ----------------------------------------------------
# NOTE: See "additionalWsDisc_README.txt" for a description of entries in
# this file and how to add or remove additional web server ports used for
# discovery and identification.
# ----------------------------------------------------
# ----------------------------------------------------
The following are actual web server ports enabled by default.
To remove them from the discovery process, comment out the line with a
or remove it. You will need to restart the HP SIM service for
the changes to take effect. In addition you will need to run the Device
Identification task to find any new ports that were defined.
# ----------------------------------------------------
411=Director Agent, ,true,false, ,http
3201=Compaq TaskSmart, ,true,false, ,https
8008=Default Home Page, ,true,false, ,http
1311=Server Administrator, ,true,false, ,https
1234=HP iPDU, ,true,false, ,https
The last entry allows HP SIM to detect the iPDU running on port 1234 and using HTTPS (Secure Socket
Layer protocol).
HP SIM services must be restarted to apply the change.

Configuring HP SIM to receive traps

Before HP SIM can receive traps, the correct MIB file (cpqpower.mib) must be compiled into HP SIM. To
download the HP Power MIB, visit the HP website (
To register the MIB:
Copy the MIB to the HP\Systems Insight Manager\mibs folder.
From the HP\Systems Insight Manager\mibs folder, run mcompile cpqpower.mib from the
command line to compile the new MIB. A new file named cpqpower.cfg is created.
Register the new MIB by entering mxmib -a cpqpower.cfg from the HP\Systems Insight
Manager\mibs command line.
Enter HP\Systems Insight Manager\mibs>mxmib at the command line and verify that the
new MIB is listed.
Systems Insight Manager integration 76


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