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Using Your Dryer - Whirlpool W10858720B - SP Use & Care Manual

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Using Your Dryer

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to
persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before
operating this appliance.
Empty water tank
Hold the handle and carefully pull out the water tank.
Holding the full water tank with both hands, empty out the
water. Then push the container back into place. Make sure
that it is properly inserted.
Clean door lint screen
Clean the lint screen before each load. Pull the lint screen
straight up and out. Press tab down and open lint screen.
Roll lint off the screen with your fingers. Push the lint screen
firmly back into place.
IMPORTANT: Clean lint screen before each dryer use
as a screen blocked with lint will increase drying time.
Clean bottom filter
Clean the bottom filter after every 5 cycles. Open the filter
door on the bottom of the dryer and grab the handle to pull
out filter. Remove the foam from the bottom filter. Clean the
filter foam and filter by hand or rinse with water – do not
wash the filter foam in a washer. Wring out the filter foam –
do not insert it in the bottom filter dripping wet. For additional
cleaning information, see "Dryer Care."
Replace the filter foam on the bottom filter. Replace the
bottom filter in the filter chamber. Fold the filter handle down
and close the bottom door.
NOTE: To turn off the "Clean bottom filter" (
indicator, the filter must be removed and replaced with the
Power button touched ON and no cycle running.
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