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Cisco SPA504G User Manual

Spa phone
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SPA Phone
User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Cisco SPA504G

  • Page 1 SPA Phone User Guide...
  • Page 2: Receiving A Call

    SPA Phone User Guide Receiving a call: When the phone rings, the line which is ringing will flash in red. To answer the call, pick up the handset. Making a call: First, press the line button that corresponds to the line you wish to dial out on. If this is not selected, the default will be your personal extension (Line 1).
  • Page 3: Transferring A Call

    SPA Phone User Guide Transferring a call: During a call, the screen will display CONF and XFER above option buttons 3 and 4. To transfer a call, press the XFER button (Button 4). Dial the 3 or 4 Digit extension number, or Full telephone number you wish to transfer the call to. If the recipient picks up the call, you can now announce the call to them, and then press the XFER button (Button 4) again, to complete the transfer.
  • Page 4 SPA Phone User Guide Retrieving voicemails (Internally): If a voicemail is waiting in the system, a red bar will light up at the top of the phone, and an envelope icon will appear next to the line on which the voicemail was received. To retrieve the voicemail, press the line button which corresponds to the line on which the voicemail was recorded.
  • Page 5: Using The Personal Directory

    SPA Phone User Guide Retrieving voicemails (Externally): 0208 069 0000. To retrieve a voicemail when you are not able to access the VoIP system, dial You will be asked to enter your phone number; this is the DDI, or External number for the extension you wish to check voicemails for.
  • Page 6: Checking Call History

    SPA Phone User Guide Checking call history: You are able to check your call history, up to 60 calls old. To do this, press the menu button on the bottom panel of the phone. Now press number button 3. You will now have the option to view your Redial List (1), your Answered Calls (2), or your Missed Calls (3).
  • Page 7: Do Not Disturb

    SPA Phone User Guide Do Not Disturb: Do not disturb will stop any calls being put through to your phone. To enable this, press DND on the home screen (Button 4). Call Pickup: To pick up a call that is ringing on a different phone in the office, simply lift your phones handset, and dial *87.
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