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Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Service Manual: Operation Theory Of Refrigeration Cycle Components

French door refrigerator.
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Product Specifications

2-7-2. Operation theory of refrigeration cycle components

■ Condenser
1) Role: A device which radiates heat to the outside (water/air) to make liquid state for the high
temperature / high pressure gas refrigerant discharged from compressor
2) Types
A. Air-cooling Type : Condense air by circulating naturally or manually.
1) Natural Convection Type : Used for the household refrigerator which has small condensing
2) Manual Convection Type : Circulate air manually by FAN-Motor (Large capacity)
B. Water-cooling Type : Make cooling water pass through the pipe in the condenser (Large
※ Location
① C LUSTER heat-radiating type : All Pipes effective for radiating heat are formed in the
right/left, and front side of refrigerator with hard urethanes and radiate heat through the
whole surfaces of cabinet to ambient air.
② Install the condenser on the outside of the product. (An old model)
③ Make them cluster at the lower part of product and radiate heat manually by fan.
☞ R adiate condensed potential heat up to liquefy completely and make change the
state without changing the gas temperature itself.
※ Pipe thickness
① Low pressure: 6.3mm ② High pressure : 4.7mm ③ Capillary : About 0.4-0.8mm
※ Condenser length (Based on 300ℓ): 26.5 M
① Assistance : 5 M ② HOT-PIPE: 6.6 M ③ CLUSTER-PIPE: 15 M
■ Capillary
1. Role: A device which makes low temperature and pressure refrigerant by reducing the
pressure the normal temperature / high pressure liquid refrigerant condensed from
condenser, and supply it to the evaporator.
A. To evaporate more lower temperature in case of evaporation.
B. It flows to the evaporator without back flowing to condenser, if compressor stops, and the
difference of pressure between high pressure and low pressure is small so it is easy to
operate the compressor again.
2. Outline
A. Thickness : About 0.4-0.8ßÆ
B. L ength : It is changeable to low temperature and pressure (10->5ß∏/ß≤) depends on the
2M of thin and long copper pipe wall resistance.



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