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Samsung RF28HMEDBSR Service Manual: Operation Theory Of Refrigeration Cycle Components

French door refrigerator.
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■ Evaporator
1. Role: As the low pressure liquid refrigerant flowed from capillary absorbs heat inside of the
refrigerator, it becomes low pressure gas and refrigerate the foods.
2. Theory: The low pressure refrigerant flowed to evaporator operates cooling which takes
ambient evaporated potential heat with maintaining the evaporation up to evaporate
3.Types of Evaporator
A. ROLL-BOND Evaporator → Direct Cooling ONE-DOOR Type
☞ Rolled and adhere the 2 aluminum plate and then make refrigerant passage.
B. PIN-PIPE Type → Indirect cooling TWO-DOOR Type
☞ a small aluminum plate on the aluminum pipe to increase the cooling effect.
■ Compressor
1. Role: It operates same as pump which pull out the subterranean water. It inhales the low
temperature and pressure refrigerant gas (flowed out) from evaporator and make high
temperature and pressure refrigerant liquid in the compressor and send it to the condenser.
2. Type of Condenser
a. Back-and-forth motion type: A method that pistol makes back-and-forth motion through
shaft and cylinder of motor rotation and compresses. ※ Used for household refrigerant
b. Rotary Type: A method that inhales the refrigerant gas through the gap between the
outside of rotor electric attached on the shaft and the inside of cylinder and compresses.
c. Centrifugal Type
3. Please insert the explanation of inverter comp operation theory.
■ Dryer
1. Role: Absorb the moisture from the refrigerant that refrigeration cycle circulates and eliminate
the foreign substance.
2. Structure: If even some moisture is included refrigerant is impossible to circulate by freezing
the small capillary outlet, so silica gel or molecular sieve is (included and) sealed to absorb
the internal moisture, and install a minute net to eliminate the foreign substance.
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